CSRminute: B&W Y-12 Wins Environmental-Awards; Siluria Technologies Develops Eco Oil Alternative

Jan 7, 2011 8:49 AM ET

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Press Release

B&W Y-12(@y12nsc), a nuclear security firm, has received several environmental awards. The company has been recognized by the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce for replacing a coal-fired steam plant with a new natural gas plant with reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and for the creation of a sustainability and stewardship program. It has received the Silver Award from the Federal Electronic Challenge, a program that encourages the purchase of greener electronic products. And the Y-12 complex has received the EStar Award for the site’s pollution prevention activities from the Department of Energy’s Environmental Sustainability Star Program.

Siluria Technologies, a San Francisco start-up company, is developing an alternative method of converting natural gas into an oil substitute that would release less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. A surplus of natural gas has sparked efforts to turn it into higher-priced diesel fuel, but the conversion process creates increased carbon dioxide emissions. Siluria will use its end product to produce ethylene, a building block for plastics, fertilizers, beverage bottles, tires, and other materials now made from oil, instead of diesel or gasoline.

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