CSRminute: Cliff's Natural Resources Issues Report with GRI Guidelines; Hayley's PLC Wins Best Corporate Citizen Award from Ceylon COC

Nov 15, 2010 11:45 AM ET

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Press Release

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Hello, I’m Emily Polk, and these are your CSR Minute headlines for Monday, November 15th:

Cliff’s Natural Resources has issued its second Corporate Responsibility Report, “Committed to the Global Community.” The Report highlights the international mining company’s implementation of a human rights policy across the organization. It also follows the G3 guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative, and has received third party verification.

Hayley’s PLC has won the Best Corporate Citizen Award at the Best Corporate Citizens Awards 2010. Conducted by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce for the 7th year, the awards also recognized Hatton National Bank and MAS Intimates. The awards encourage enterprises in Sri Lanka to adopt CSR practices. 

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