Green Living Enterprises Gives Out ECR Awards to Canadian Companies and Organizations; Sustainable Investments Total $3.7 Trillion; and the Global Sourcing Council Announces Its 2012 GSC Awards - CSR Minute for November 19, 2012

Nov 19, 2012 9:00 AM ET
Press Release

Green Living Enterprises has honored more than two dozen Canadian companies, organizations, and individuals with 2012 Excellence in Corporate Responsibility Awards. The awards recognized commitments to sustainable and ethical business practices. Among the winners are the Social Investment Organization, Cisco Canada, Xerox Canada, PwC, and Canadian Tire.

Sustainable and responsible investing—SRI—strategies totaled more than $3.7 trillion of investments through 2011, according to a recent study by US SIF, a nonprofit that tracks SRI investing. Total investments guided by such strategies have increased by 22 percent in the last two years. US SIF identified assets held by 443 institutional investors, 272 money managers, and 1,043 community investment institutions that select portfolios using ESG criteria.

The Global Sourcing Council has announced the 2012 GSC 3S Awards. The Awards honor best sustainable and socially responsible practices in global sourcing, as implemented by companies, NGOs, and individuals in support of global sustainable development. The winners include Alter Eco Foods and Digital Divide Data.

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Video Source: Green Living Enterprises Gives Out ECR Awards in Toronto; Sustainable Investments Total $3.7 Trillion; Global Sourcing Council Announces 2012 GSC Awards