Re-Focusing Employees after Organizational Trauma

Presented by Peter Ternes, Director of Internal Communications, General Motors Corporation, United States
Aug 9, 2010 1:00 PM ET

Session 4 - Re-Focusing Employees after Organizational Trauma, presented by Peter Ternes, Director of Internal Communications - General Motors Corporation (USA)  1:30pm, October 5th at HR Summit 2010.

General Motors employees experienced significant change in 2009 - to say the least!  In less than a year, they witnessed a dramatic drop in sales, and the subsequent bankruptcy and re-emergence of their organization.  Employees who didn't retire or weren't asked to leave faced pay cuts, retirement plan hits, job reassignments, and benefit changes.

In 2010 GM implemented a program called Outreach to re-engage employees.  The idea was to use the customer experience to refocus employees throughout the company on the bottom line, satisfying customers, and selling cars.  Peter Ternes will discuss what happened when GM sent employees into some of its toughest U.S. markets, and how this is now helping GM design, build, and sell better vehicles.

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Tracie Jones
The Conference Board of Canada