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Making Luxury Goods Sustainable: 3 Challenges and 3 Leaders

by Liam Goldsworthy

You could be forgiven for failing to join the dots between luxury brands and sustainability. How can the latest season’s must-haves be friendly to the planet?

Luxury fashion brands, like all brands, are currently facing the enormous challenge of protecting the wellbeing of employees, customers and supply chain communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is affecting key luxury markets across the globe with closures of boutiques and consumer behaviour change prevailing.

Our Latest Wellbeing Initiative: Sustainable, Eco-Friendly & Vegan Care Packages on a Pandemic Budget


Three months down the line into lockdown, I’ve been feeling the burn of not seeing most of my colleagues in so long. At Acre, we’re pretty social – we’re big on drinks in the pub or in the bar at the office, playing rounders in the park, coming together for cake at birthdays and summer parties. Not being able to do that sucks for all of us, especially when the cultural aspect of your job is one of your favourite things about it!

A COVID-19 Market Analysis For Sustainability & Safety Professionals

We explore the impact of COVID-19 on the Safety, Sustainability, ESG & Energy professions

In the midst of the pandemic, society is evolving and adapting at an exponential pace.

As recruitment and talent development specialists, we feel uniquely placed to provide insight into the direction that our core markets are taking as we work our way through this changed environment. It is our hope that Acre’s Rising Sun series will provide an informative platform to drive purpose-driven agendas forward and to support sustainability and EHS professionals to acclimatise. 

Sector Performance

What Is the Purpose of Stewardship?


The FRC published the UK Stewardship Code 20202 in October 2019. It includes a revised definition of stewardship:

Stewardship is the responsible allocation, management and oversight of capital to create long-term value for clients and beneficiaries, leading to sustainable benefits for the economy, the environment and society.

How Can Successful Stewardship Be Meaningfully Reported?

Based on a roundtable discussion attended by asset owners, investment consultants, asset managers, civil society leaders and regulators

This whitepaper captures the discussion from a roundtable, convened by Helen Pradas-Page on 3 March 2020, under Chatham House rules, where we asked the question ‘How Can Successful Stewardship be Meaningfully Reported?'

Project Paves Way for Flexible Energy System


A key project has been launched to help achieve a net zero economy by exploring how a flexible energy system works.

The Carbon Trust, which supports the development of low carbon technologies and solutions, is leading the cross-sector consortium project, supported by world-class university Imperial College London.

The Flexibility in Great Britain project will investigate the potential for an integrated, flexible energy system to reduce the cost of meeting the UK’s net zero economy target by 2050. 

L'Oréal Launches Project to Help with Sustainable Transformation


L’Oréal has launched a €150 million program to protect the environment and support vulnerable women following the Covid-19 pandemic.

The global beauty firm has created “L’Oréal for the future” to help support vulnerable women who were the first victims of the social and economic crisis generated by the pandemic.

Weathering the Storm - Where Strong ESG Performance Counts

by Catherine Harris - Head of CR + Sustainability, USA

As we start to transition into a new phase of recovery, our attention is turning to the question of what sustainability will look like – and what role it will have to play in a post-COVID world. 


As we start to transition into a new phase of recovery, our attention is turning to the question of what sustainability will look like – and what role it will have to play in a post-COVID world. 

Top Tips for Getting a Job in Impact Investment

by Ian Povey-Hall, Head of Impact Investment at Acre

Impact investment is the fastest growing sector of the financial industry. In a 2019 deal that signalled the scale and potential of the sector’s future, the British asset manager, Schroders (with over $400 billion of assets under management) acquired a majority stake in BlueOrchard. Schroders’ CEO, Peter Harrison, commented that impact investment is a “mega-trend”.​


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