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Fracking: There's Something In The Air

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The potential damage posed by hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking" to ground water, its contribution to earthquake risk, and overall deceptive practices by the industry, have all been exposed through science and good journalism.

Can Houseplants Really Clean the World's Smoggiest City?

CEO uses greenery to filter the filthy New Delhi air that doctors said was killing him.

On the roof of an office building in India's capital, the world's smoggiest city, Kamal Meattle has a unique tactic for cleaning the air: a greenhouse with 400 common plants, including mother-in-law's tongue.

Meattle, the CEO of Paharpur Business Centre, has 800 other plants spread throughout the building's lower six floors, greening each room and hallway. Their job: remove soot and other chemicals from the often charcoal-colored outdoor air.

Big Energy Question: Clearing the Air? Challenges and Opportunities in India

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A cross-section of representatives from the energy sector in India gathered on December 9, 2014, to discuss a critical conundrum faced by the giant South Asia nation: How to deliver on the new government’s election promise to extend access to energy to 400 million people without electricity, while also containing, if not reducing, the heavy burden on the environment. Delhi is already ranked as the world’s city with the worst levels of smog.

China Includes ESG in its Strategy for “War on Pollution” -CSR Minute

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In his recent state-of-the-nation speech, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang acknowledged the impact of environmental, social, and governance— ESG—issues on that country’s economic policies. He announced that the government will “declare war” on pollution. The environmental impact of China’s mainly coal-powered energy generation has been well documented, with levels of toxic air pollution many times higher than accepted safe standards that have negatively affect commerce and health.

Leonardo Academy Awarded $586,698 for Clean Diesel Projects

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Madison, Wis., Jan. 27, 2014 /3BL Media/ –  Leonardo Academy has been awarded $586,698 from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to help reduce emissions from diesel engines. Reducing emissions from diesel engines is currently one of the most important air quality challenges facing the country.

How Much Is U.S. to Blame for “Made-in-China” Pollution?

Air pollutants generated in China during the manufacture of goods destined for export travel across the Pacific, contributing to U.S. smog

China has some of the dirtiest air in the world, but a large share of the country's pollutants are generated during the manufacture of goods destined for countries like the United States, according to a new study. (See related story: "Coal Burning Shortens Lives in China, New Study Shows.")

Increase in Lung Cancer Deaths Globally Linked to Air Pollution


(3BL Media/Justmeans) In 2010, an estimated 220,000 lung cancer deaths worldwide were linked to air pollution. Now, air pollution has officially been confirmed as a cause of lung cancer, joining tobacco, asbestos and ultraviolet radiation on the list of certified cancer agents. Air pollution has long been suspected as a contributor to lung cancer, but its role as a carcinogen has only just recently been established.


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