Tennessee Teens Take Action to Prevent Distracted Driving

By: Joelle Phillips, President, AT&T Tennessee

At the end of the summer of 2016, we reached a remarkable milestone – 10 million pledges to not drive distracted. The It Can Wait campaign and the 10 million pledge count represent the dedication of so many to keep our roads safe. Today, seven-in-ten people admit to smartphone activity behind the wheel.

Facts like those are why we continue to set our sights higher. After hitting the 10 million pledge mark, we set the ambitious goal of reaching 16 million pledges to not drive distracted by the end of 2016.

Closing the College Gap

Nicole Anderson, AVP of Social Innovation and President of AT&T Foundation; John Bridgeland, CEO, Civic; Robert Balfanz PhD, co-director of the Everyone Graduates Center and research scientist, Johns Hopkins University.

For most of the last century, the United States led the world in educational attainment and the economic and social mobility of its people. As our advantage has been slipping in recent decades, leaders from the President to philanthropists have set goals for boosting the percentage of Americans who complete some form of college, so more Americans are prepared for the rigors of the workplace and being engaged members of society.

Getting to the Big Picture

By Kevin Reutter, Principal Network Planning Engineer, TP&E Global Technology Optimization and Implementation, AT&T

We’re a big fan of puzzles in my household. It started off with the small ones – the cartoon trains and characters that took my kids a few minutes to put together. We’ve increased our difficulty since then, and are up to the 500+ pieces.

My kids get a little overwhelmed when we first dump all the pieces out. But together, we form a strategy: starting at the corners and building it out piece by piece from there.

Five Inspirational Companies to Watch in 2017

By Liz Bardetti

Corporate philanthropy is focused on heart and luckily, more companies are finding ways to incorporate giving and heart into their own business practices. Employees want to give back and participate in the community, candidates watch potential employers closely when considering applications and consumers are as vigilant on cause work as ever. In a world of turmoil and tragedy, we need those who can provide solace and support to step up and use their talent and position to inspire others. We’re happy to say we know quite a few companies doing their part.

Champion of DOT: How Fighting Distracted Driving Helped Me Move from Tragedy to Triumph

By: Regina Ennis, Director of Technical Project Management and Wireline Regional Infrastructure Deployment, AT&T

We kicked off the It Can Wait 16 in ‘16 Pledge Contest in October, asking AT&T employees to create a team, then generate as many pledges as possible for that team, via text. Regina Ennis, an AT&T employee in White Plains, New York was awarded the Champion of DOT (Do One Thing) for capturing the most pledges for her team, team CARE. Regina shares what winning the 16 in 16 contest and being a Champion of DOT means to her. 

Education & Opportunity in Indian Country

Tom Brooks, Vice President, External & Legislative Affairs, AT&T

November marks Native American Heritage Month, a time to celebrate the diverse cultures, traditions and histories of Native Americans, as well as the important contributions of Native people to our communities and country. This month also presents the opportunity to raise awareness about the unique challenges Native Americans face.

Our Veterans: Supporting the Next Generation of STEM Leaders

By Joe Montgomery, founder of Operation Honor

The U.S. military has long understood the importance of how science, engineering, technology and math (STEM) play in any successful mission. Members of the military are skilled in STEM, and companies are taking note by recognizing the invaluable skills that military veterans bring to these professions.

Their Mission is Complete; Ours Has Just Begun

By Jack Hammond, retired Brigadier General and Executive Director of Home Base

America’s military conflicts of the past decade affected veterans, active duty service members and their families alike. Multiple deployments, frequent moves and long periods of separation can present many challenges and opportunities for military families. So this Veterans Day, as we honor and thank those who have given so much for our country and our freedoms, we also commend the spouses, parents, children, siblings, grandparents and significant others who provide support and structure to their loved ones throughout their times of service.


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