FPT Industrial Is Investigating Plant-Based Biofuels


FPT Industrial a global powertrain brand of CNH Industrial N.V. (NYSE: CNHI/ MI: CNH),  invested in a production plan and tests dedicated to exploring macaúba biodiesel, with a view to developing a potential new source of sustainable fuel.

Virgin Atlantic Flies Boeing 747 on Biofuel

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Boeing is proud of our partnership with @VirginAtlantic and @LanzaTech on this historic 747 flight to use biofuel made from waste carbon gas from a steel mill.

Learn More About Sappi's Latest Business Venture: Sappi Biotech

How the company plans to strengthen its bio-chemical offering

In 2016, Sappi Limited established a new global business, Sappi Biotech, to accelerate our response to consumer demand for renewable products with a low carbon footprint.

Sappi took a major step forward in September 2017 toward efforts to expand its biorefi ning expertise with the acquisition of Xylex® and Versalac® technologies, owned by Plaxica Limited.

Through this transaction, Sappi has acquired the sugar clean-up technologies, patents, know-how, equipment and key technical staff of Plaxica Limited.

China’s ‘First’ Successful Cross-Ocean Biofuels Flight Completed

By: Biofuels International

Flight 497 took off from the Beijing on 21 November. It landed at Chicago’s O’Hare airport at 12:05pm local time. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner completed the more than 11,000km journey with biological aviation fuel produced from waste cooking oil, according to Xinhua.

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Sustainability is Driving Global Biofuel Policy and Technology

By Matthew Rudolf, SCS Global Services

The rapidly growing role of biofuels in the economy has important ramifications for sustainable development worldwide. On the one hand, biofuels offer significant potential benefits as alternatives to traditional energy sources in the transportation sector.  On the other hand, the land use associated with biofuels production has generated widespread debate about the best use of arable lands, impacts on world food prices, and the sustainability of production practices.

Joining Forces to Build the Market for Sustainable Aviation Fuels

by Merel Laroy

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When SkyNRG was founded in 2009, sustainable aviation fuel was not yet allowed for use in commercial aircraft operations.

After the first flights in 2011, most of our clients were communicating about their commitments to fly on sustainable biofuels as a way to highlight their progressive and sustainable mindsets. Now it’s quite the other way around: companies have to explain themselves if they don’t have a travel policy that focuses on reducing CO2 emissions!

Collaboration on Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Exploring Boeing's top environmental priorities

**This is the 13th article in a series focusing on The Boeing Company's environmental performance and progress in 2016. Visit for more information.**

Boeing is an industry leader in fostering sustainable aviation fuel development around the world. Biofuel represents a significant, untapped opportunity to reduce aviation emissions, meet the industry’s environmental goals and support long-term sustainable growth.

JetBlue Cultivates Market Conditions for Greener Growth


“There are no silver bullets when it comes to finding the right renewable jet fuel, so we are reaching out for fuel partners to bring a better fuel to market.”

—Sophia Mendelsohn, Head of Sustainability, JetBlue

Shifting goalposts create more mayhem than momentum. Only predictable climate-related regulations can create stable conditions that benefit business.

Study Looks at Biofuel for Flights Out of Sea-Tac


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Sea-Tac Airport could become one of the first major U.S. airports to start using biofuel for every flight that leaves its tarmac.

That’s the lofty goal that drove a study released yesterday on how to build the infrastructure needed to get aviation biofuel into Sea-Tac’s fuel supply.

Why It’s Still a Good Idea to Invest in Boeing

By Kate Ryan, Good Magazine

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The company is researching a cheap, salt-tolerant seaweed that could soon fuel our bodies, our cars, our jets—even a mission to Mars

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