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How We’re Working to Meet the Needs of People Living and Aging With HIV


In the past two decades, incredible progress has been made in the fight against HIV in the United States. Through a steady stream of innovation, more people living with HIV are leading longer, healthier lives. But the work is far from over. According to the CDC, as of 2014, 45 percent of people living with HIV in the U.S. are now 50 years old or older, and by 2020 that percentage is estimated to reach 70 percent.

Six Amgen Scholars Share What They Love About Science

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In July, at the U.S. symposium, six Amgen Scholars shared what they love about science. From the power of energy to the magic of molecules, these students share their unique perspectives on what drives their research.

Easing Transition to Civilian Life for Women Veterans

MED researchers create network with Walmart Foundation grant

Women make up 15 percent of US active duty troops, and they often face unique challenges during their deployment—and after they come home. Unlike veterans with physical wounds, post-traumatic stress disorder, or adjustment problems such as substance abuse or depression, who can look to the VA and other groups for help, many who don’t have such issues also may struggle to readjust. Two BU School of Medicine researchers are building the Women Veterans Network (WoVeN) to help women who have served to thrive in civilian life.

Join the 2016 #CleanEnergyU Earth Day Dialogue

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April 22, 2016 /3BL Media/ - Join the 2016 #CleanEnergyU virtual Twitter dialogue this Earth Day, April 22 from 12-4 ET, where students and national clean energy and White House leaders will engage directly in conversation with each one another.  They will share creative ideas on delivering the Paris promise of a future “well below 2 degrees.”

#CleanEnergyU Live Dialogue at Sustainable Brands 2015 Conference

How can millennials' core values and aspirations best shape businesses' sustainable brands?
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Join us live Tuesday, June 2 at 3:45 ET/12:45 PT for an engaging conversation via #CleanEnergyU and #SB15sd.

Changemakers at sustainability@BU: Interns Help Make BU a Leader in Carbon Reduction

Through the Chevrolet Clean Energy Campus Campaign, we are supporting 11 colleges going above and beyond to combat climate change.

In her keynote speech at the AASHE 2014 opening ceremony, Story of Stuff creator Annie Leonard presented a newer Story, this time about change. Leonard recognizes that change is a slow and difficult process and she suggests that change is most successful through the collaboration of several different kinds of changemakers, namely: builders, networkers, resisters, communicators, nurturers, and investigators.

Boston University Reaches 2020 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goal Six Years Early

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BOSTON, October 22, 2014 /3BL Media/ — In conjunction with National Campus Sustainability Day, October 22, Boston University today announced it reached its 2020 goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent six years early. In recognition of this achievement, BU is selling some of its 2012 carbon reductions through the Chevrolet Campus Clean Energy Campaign. Chevy will purchase the University’s carbon credits and permanently retire them, furthering the company’s voluntary effort to retire carbon reductions across America for the benefit of the climate.

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