Making Luxury Goods Sustainable: 3 Challenges and 3 Leaders

by Liam Goldsworthy

You could be forgiven for failing to join the dots between luxury brands and sustainability. How can the latest season’s must-haves be friendly to the planet?

Luxury fashion brands, like all brands, are currently facing the enormous challenge of protecting the wellbeing of employees, customers and supply chain communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is affecting key luxury markets across the globe with closures of boutiques and consumer behaviour change prevailing.

Business 2018: Values Matter, More Than Ever

by John Howell, Editorial Director, 3BL Media

The intersection of business and values has been the site of several collisions lately—some accidental, some accidents waiting to happen.
While the subjects in question have varied from CEO activism and governance to issues of ethics and data privacy, the end point is the same: In business 2018, values matter, more than ever. No company looking to its future viability can afford to avoid making choices—and statements—about what it stands for while avoiding pitfalls and misguided actions.

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