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G&A Supports GSC's "17 Weeks / 17 SDGs" & Davos at 47 Years - Business / Government / NGOs Convene

SustainabilityHQ Highlights (1.27.2016)

Governance & Accountability Institute announces its support of the Global Sourcing Council's "17 Weeks / 17 SDGs Initiative," developed by GSC in support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that were adopted by all 193 countries at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015. 

3BL Media and G&A Institute Join Forces To Improve Distribution and Competitive Benchmarking of Sustainability Reports

SustainabilityHQ Highlights (01.21.2016)

We have exciting news for you this week about an important collaboration, just announced by G&A Institute and 3BL Media.  We’re joining forces to help organizations communicate their release of their CSR / Sustainability Report through the largest distribution network focused on CSR and Sustainability news – and to help organizations strategically plan for the future by benchmarking their reporting versus their peers.  Together these offerings can help organizations to be recognized for the accomplishments of their "Sustainability Journey" and to help steer the ship and set the sails in

Big Stories of 2015 - What Were Your Choices? Lots of Headlines About Sustainability Last Year

SustainabilityHQ Highlights (1.13.2016)

What’s on your list of the top stories of the year just behind us – 2015?  Our Top Story this week is a look back at the Top 10 Business Stories of 2015 by Andrew Winston.  You may know him as the author of “Good to Gold,” a business bestseller.  His commentary was published in Harvard Business Online, and republished by Sustainable Brands in its “The Next Economy” series.  We present it here for your reading.

2016 – A “Hopeful” Year for Sustainability Innovation? Technology Experts Share Their “I Hope” List

SustainabilityHQ Highlights (1.07.2016)

Happy New York 2016 to our friends and colleagues!  What are your hopes for sustainability in this new calendar year – the pages are blank, so fill in what you would like to see happening.  Elaine Hsieh, director of VERGE at the Greenbiz Group, did that for us with her “biggest hopes for sustainability technology in 2016,” which Greenbiz presented in a year end post.

Brief Notes for Your Favorite Investor Relations Officer To Help Move the Needle on Sustainability at The Board Level in 2016

SustainabilityHQ Highlights (December 16, 2015)

If you are a corporate investor relations officer, you’ll want to read this week’s Top Story.  If you are a manager looking for information to take over to the IR office in your company, this is good for helping to “build the investment case.”  IR magazine, an authoritative voice for the investor relations professional, puts the recent Ceres report in focus.

Profile: American Cleaning Institute – and the ACI Charter for Sustainable Cleaning

SustainabilityHQ Highlights (December 10, 2015)

G&A Institute interviews American Cleaning Institute’s Brian Sansoni & Melissa Grande…our Top Story this week.
As we monitor U.S. companies’ disclosure and periodic reporting on their respective sustainability journeys, we are seeing that companies have both expanding and narrowing choices. Expanding, more U.S. companies either begin or steadily expand disclosure and reporting on their sustainability journey, and widen the range of effective means of telling the story of their corporate responsibility activities.

Are Public Companies Including Sustainability Information in the Traditional Financial Communications Channels? And a Conversation with Mondelez International Reporting on the Sustainability Journey

SustainabilityHQ Highlights (December 03, 2015)

We are almost at calendar year end and for many companies approaching fiscal year end -- and that means busy-busy-busy times in the corporate suite as senior managements prepare 4Q / year end results for the earnings release and the details of the earnings call to be scheduled not too far into the new year 2016.  The preparation for the 10-k will be underway in earnest at year-end.  So – reflecting the heightened interest of the investment community in sustainable investing -- what about companies including narrative and metrics related to the progress of the company’s sustaina

Sea Change for Public Sector Pension Funds And Other U.S. Fiduciaries – US DOL Green Lights ESG Investing…

SustainabilityHQ Highlights (November 19, 2015)

On an important societal issue (think of civil rights, or immigration, or highway construction funding, or criminal justice, or environmental protection) the U.S.

Good Advice for Corporate Boards on Sustainability From Bob Eccles - Prominent Harvard Business School Voice

SustainabilityHQ Highlights (November 10, 2015)

Professor Bob Eccles of Harvard Business School is out front and very vocal on key corporate sustainability issues (like the global Integrated Reporting movement and continued expansion of sustainable investing). In a Forbes commentary he offers advice for corporate leadership on “how to show corporate leadership [in sustainability], posing the question to boards and C-suite:  “What progress are we seeing in how boards of directors of public companies demonstrate leadership in sustainability?”

28 Predictions from Bentley University Experts On the Future Directions of of Sustainability (Sustainability Highlights | 11.05.2015)

SustainabilityHQ Highlights (November 5, 2015)

Bentley University (Waltham, MA) is a leading business school offering undergrad and MBA / MBS degrees. There are 4,200 undergrad and 1,400 grad students enrolled, studying accounting, finance, marketing, managements and liberal arts, all (the university says) "anchored" in technology.


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