Carbon Emissions

T5’s Food Trash Turns to Healthy Soils


“Deciding to join the composting initiative in T5 was a no-brainer. We pride ourselves on offering great products to the community through our concepts. Being able to help positively impact the environment in the process is a win-win in our eyes.”

—Anthony Martino, General Manager, Jamba Juice and Dunkin Donuts

    In 2016, our JFK T5 composting program put 100,000 pounds of food waste back to work. This saved roughly 38 tonnes* of CO2e emissions (because greenhouse gases are released during the landfill process).

    Connecting Cities to be Cleaner, Safer and Stronger


    This is where we can use technology in revolutionary ways. AT&T is teaming up with companies to deploy innovative solutions throughout cities, making them “smarter.” We’re also developing connected solutions to help cities improve the way they use resources and take care of their citizens. But what if we could use the efficiencies created by this technological revolution to understand a city’s environmental impact — and improve it?

    Practitioner Spotlight - Richard Crowther


    Antea Group spotlights its Atlanta practitioner- Operational Performance and Assurance & Sustainability consultant, Richard Crowther. Richard talks about his 25 years in the EHS/sustainability field, including his experience at the Coca-Cola Company, the most surprising things about his job, and his "sweet" hobby!

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    A Smarter City is the Smartest Gift to Give

    Jori Mendel, Strategic Alliance Manger. AT&T

    I was at a friend’s birthday party recently and noticed something interesting about the presents he received from guests. The standard bottle of wine or tickets to a ball game don’t cut it anymore. The trendy gifts these days are gadgets that incorporate “smart” technologies, connect to your home and try to make life easier. You can speak to a radio to tell it to change the station, remotely lock the doors or turn off lights in your home and even buy an interactive refrigerator with touchscreen and internet access!

    Sodexo is Reducing Waste and Carbon Emissions in Food Distribution and Service

    By 2025, Sodexo estimates it will have reduced carbon emissions at food service and facilities management sites by 34 percent.
    Press Release

    GAITHERSBURG, Md., October 13, 2016 /3BL Media/ - Sodexo, world leader in Quality of Life services, is making major reductions in both waste and carbon emissions at the facilities, cafés, sport and leisure venues and other food service sites where it operates. The integrated facilities management and food service operations organization manages more the 32,000 client sites worldwide, which means its commitments can have a major impact.

    GOJO Industries Sees Moving from Truck to Rail Lowers GHGs


    A Series on Innovating to Create Sustainable Value

    Sustainability is embedded within GOJO culture. In fact, sustainability principles have been part of our company since it was founded 70 years ago. Our Purpose-driven commitment to sustainability allows us to innovate to create social, environmental and economic value for all GOJO stakeholders.

    In this series of stories, we share with you how we “Innovate to Create Sustainable Value.” These stories highlight initiatives that demonstrate the ways sustainability is integrated into our daily work.

    The Politics of Energy: Change or Be Changed

    How Clean Energy Can Save the Economy

    by Carole Laible, Chief Executive Officer, Domini Social Investments

    Human nature often resists change. We struggle with moving from familiar surroundings to new, unknown territories. Yet, when it comes to the greatest single challenge we face today, our resistance to change will surely cause massive, uncontrollable, and unforeseeable changes.

    The Future of Energy: Unleashing the Power of Innovation and Sustainability


    Welcome to an exciting new GreenMoney issue featuring five perspectives on the World of Energy Today and Tomorrow:

    Daniel Kirk-Davidoff: Electric Grids of Tomorrow

    Multimedia with summary

    This week on Sea Change Radio, host Alex Wise chats with Daniel Kirk-Davidoff, a climate scientist at the University of Maryland and at MDA Information Systems. First, Kirk-Davidoff tells us about how the science of predicting changes in climate and weather influences how utility companies and futures markets behave. Then, we hear about the challenges the developing world faces to keep carbon emissions low even as populations expand. Last, he talks about how different the electric grid of tomorrow may look in a few decades.

    Ecocentricity Blog: Probability and Climate Change


    When climate change deniers find new evidence that suggests humans might not be driving climate change, that evidence cannot “disprove” anthropogenic climate change. Instead, the evidence might only slightly reduce its probability.

    I was math nerd as a kid. And yes, that explains a lot about me.

    I think what originally attracted me to math was the objectivity of the subject. Its rules were solid and unwavering. No matter what, seven minus five equals two. I guess I like consistency.


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