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Daniel Kirk-Davidoff: Electric Grids of Tomorrow

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This week on Sea Change Radio, host Alex Wise chats with Daniel Kirk-Davidoff, a climate scientist at the University of Maryland and at MDA Information Systems. First, Kirk-Davidoff tells us about how the science of predicting changes in climate and weather influences how utility companies and futures markets behave. Then, we hear about the challenges the developing world faces to keep carbon emissions low even as populations expand. Last, he talks about how different the electric grid of tomorrow may look in a few decades.

Ecocentricity Blog: Probability and Climate Change


When climate change deniers find new evidence that suggests humans might not be driving climate change, that evidence cannot “disprove” anthropogenic climate change. Instead, the evidence might only slightly reduce its probability.

I was math nerd as a kid. And yes, that explains a lot about me.

I think what originally attracted me to math was the objectivity of the subject. Its rules were solid and unwavering. No matter what, seven minus five equals two. I guess I like consistency.

National Grid on How Big is the Bridge

Transitioning to a Decarbonized U.S. Energy Infrastructure

The following article is taken from the “How Big is the Bridge” chapter of Dean Seavers’ Democratization of Energy eBook.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tetra Pak Commits to 100% Renewable Electricity by 2030

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June 6, 2016 /3BL Media/ - Tetra Pak has joined RE100, committing to increase its use of renewable electricity from 20% today to 100% across all global operations by 2030. The announcement was made at the Clean Energy Ministerial forum​ yesterday in San Francisco, US.

JetBlue Releases Annual Responsibility Report

Report Highlights Integration of Social and Environmental Responsibility into Business, Major Developments Include a 3.7 Percent Reduction in Standardized Emissions and Carbon Offsets Equal to 1.1 Billion Pounds of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

To learn more about JetBlue’s long-term responsibility platform and to view the full report, visit

Press Release

To learn more about JetBlue’s long-term responsibility platform and to view the full report, visit

The Carbon in our Food


“If food waste were a country by itself, it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases behind China and the United States.”

Are you ready for a punch in the gut? Seriously, I would brace for this one. It’s going to hurt. Here we go, from page 3 of Food Foolish:

Vigilant Global Offsets Business Travel Impact

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Vigilant Global planted 972 trees to offset carbon emissions from the company's 2015 business travel, as part of its commitment to reducing the environment impact of business activities. 

Get Ready for the Paris Agreement: Develop a Company Climate Action Plan

A Webinar Series by SCS Global Services
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The signing ceremony of the Paris Agreement on April 22 shows that the world is demanding aggressive action on climate change mitigation. Companies are facing pressure from customers, governments, investors, and other stakeholders to find climate change solutions. Your company can anticipate and respond to these pressures by developing a climate action plan. Identify opportunities such as improving supply chain efficiency and reducing fuel costs, distinguish your corporate brand from competitors, and help reach new customers.

The Poetry of a Campfire


Carbon is not our enemy. It is the basis of life, working in tandem with the water and oxygen with which we are abundantly blessed to fashion all of the beauty of nature.

Let’s nerd out. Or at least I will. You don’t have to; you can just stop reading. Your call.

Why, you ask? Because I’m fascinated by the first law of thermodynamics. And by campfires (I’m currently sitting next to one). Campfires are basically the embodiment of the first law of thermodynamics.


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