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WEBINAR: WSP's Carbon Zero Appraisal Framework


Our role in tackling the climate emergency increasingly influences all that we do. However, as transport practitioners, we often lack the evidence to make informed investment decisions at a point when opportunities still exists to shape a project’s carbon reduction potential. 

WSP’s Carbon Zero Appraisal Framework provides a proportionate and transparent process for assessing scheme and program emissions throughout the project lifecycle, alongside the resilience of new infrastructure to climate change effects. 

Honda Unveils Smart Home US for Zero Carbon Living and Mobility

Honda's ultra-efficient, carbon neutral smart home is capable of producing more energy on-site from renewable sources than it consumes annually—and it comes with a specially modified Honda Fit electric vehicle

Though the first official assessment that climate change was caused by human activity came in 1988, with NASA scientist James Hansen's famous testimony to the U.S. Congress, the "carbon neutral" concept, which refers to achieving net zero carbon emissions, is a relatively new one. The non-profit Climate Neutral Network, which developed the Climate Neutral Certification, was incorporated in 1999; the first company to receive certification was the California-based nutrition supplement producer Shaklee Corporation, in 2000.

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