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T-Mobile Helps You Take Action Against Phone Scams

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Identity theft security expert Carrie Kerske explains that while fraudsters change their tactics to try and avoid being caught, there are some common characteristics of a scam call that remain true. As scam artists rev up to take advantage of people during the upcoming tax season, as well as exploit new anxieties of vaccination eligibility during the pandemic, Kerske helps you to protect yourself from being one of their victims.

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A Security Expert Takes on Phone Scams and How to Avoid Them During COVID-19

Identity theft protection pro Carrie Kerskie says tools like T-Mobile’s Scam Shield and other precautions can help stop fraudsters in their tracks.

By Jason Adams

When it comes to identity theft, fraud and cyber threats, Carrie Kerskie has seen it all — and then some.

“This stuff can be overwhelming to people,” she says. “In the almost 15 years of working with victims, I’ve actually had two victims commit suicide over it. When it comes to frauds and scams, I’ve seen people who’ve see their entire life savings gone overnight. It can be devastating to people.”

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