Caterpillar 2018 Sustainability Report

Caterpillar's Focus on Philanthropy and Social Innovation


As Caterpillar and its customers work to build traditional infrastructure, the Caterpillar Foundation is focused on building human infrastructure. Learn how the Caterpillar Foundation makes a difference. 

Caterpillar's Support for Economic Development


Caterpillar and its products support economic growth around the world, both in developed countries, where aging networks need improvement, and emerging regions, where new infrastructure is required. The company's products help ensure that investments in transportation, energy, telecommunications, waste and water infrastructure produce maximum benefits. Read more about how Caterpillar supports these investments. 

Public Policy at Caterpillar


Government decisions regarding laws and regulations around the world can have a significant impact – both positive and negative – on Caterpillar, its employees, customers and stockholders. Learn more about these impacts

Caterpillar's Job Site Efficiency


Caterpillar customers want to realize the full value of their assets on the job. Caterpillar's solutions business model goes “beyond the iron” to increase asset utilization and optimize the return on customers’ site investments.

Caterpillar's Focus on Natural Infrastructure


Conventional (or grey) infrastructure – sanitary sewers, treatment plants, roads, bridges dams and levees – is the not the only infrastructure in need of rebuilding. Ecosystems that are essential to the health of our economy, communities and planet – forests, prairies, agricultural lands, estuaries, coastal landscapes and wetlands – are in critical need of restoration. 

Customer Sustainability at Caterpillar


Caterpillar helps customers build a better world, and customers increasingly want to build that world by using less fuel and generating fewer GHG emissions.  Learn how these customer needs provide valuable business opportunities for Caterpillar.  

Caterpillar's Circular Economy


Caterpillar's remanufacturing and rebuild businesses provide customers with immediate cost savings, help extend life cycles and use materials more efficiently. Read more on how Caterpillar's reman and rebuild programs increase the lifespan of equipment by providing customers with a restored product for less cost than buying new. 



Caterpillar's Focus on Customer Safety


Caterpillar’s safety culture extends beyond internal operations to include promoting the safe operation of products in the field, as well as the safety and health of all individuals who come into contact with Cat® products.

Read more about Caterpillar's Zero-Incident Performance (ZIP™) process.

Caterpillar's Innovation Management


Caterpillar's Enterprise Technology Strategy establishes the foundation for innovation in the company's product development. Click here to learn how Caterpillar focuses on key technology areas that impact many facets of sustainability.

Caterpillar Engineers Value Chains


Caterpillar is building capabilities to engineer its value chains just like the company engineers its products. Learn more about the synchronized system that maximizes quality, efficiency, value and speed to the customer.



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