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The Value of Sustainability Leadership

Caterpillar employees develop proactive options for enabling sustainable progress

The 2014 Sustainability Report focuses on contributions that employees have made to sustainability leadership that have led to community improvements, environmental benefits and compelling business prospects.

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Developing Suppliers with a Long-Term Mindset

Supply chain collaboration key to Caterpillar success

Frank Li, segment manager for fabrications and non-metallics, identifies training and development opportunities from the supply base and then works with various teams within Caterpillar’s Global Supply Network Division to identify solutions. “In working with our supplier base, I see them grow every day. I’ve seen great results from working with local suppliers — Caterpillar and the local community both benefit from the suppliers’ success,” says Frank. And suppliers benefit from our success. But to achieve this, collaboration is critical.

Bridging Gaps in the Brazilian Rainforest

Caterpillar works to protect endangered forests in Brazil

Monica Salles, Caterpillar Corporate Responsibility consultant, is proud to be part of the ConBio Campo Largo project in southern Brazil. The objective of the two-year initiative is to preserve green, urban areas and protect endangered forests in Brazil, as well as improving public understanding of conservation.

Restoring Mining Fields to Nature

Cat® equipment is used throughout the entire mining process, including the land reclamation work
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Caterpillar customer Falkirk Mining Company, a subsidiary of the North American Coal Corporation, in partnership with its customer, Great River Energy (GRE), has reclaimed mined land and has donated it back to the people of North Dakota in a similar or better condition than before they mined it back in the 1990s. Cat® equipment is involved throughout the entire mining process, including the reclamation work. Brad Tilly, Caterpillar’s North American Coal Global Account manager, is proud to be part of this thriving customer team that includes many Cat® dealers around the country.

Caterpillar Invests in an Airbnb for Excavators

By James R. Hagerty

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Caterpillar Inc. said it had invested in Yard Club Inc., a San Francisco startup that helps owners of heavy equipment rent idle machines to one another, much as Airbnb Inc. helps people find vacant homes or apartments for short stays.

Caterpillar Expands Renewable Power Generation Offerings in Conjunction with First Solar

Signs Strategic Alliance to Develop Microgrids
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PEORIA, Ill./TEMPE, AZ, May 1, 2015 /3BL Media/ – Basic human needs including access to clean water, health care and education rely on one critical element: energy. However, today, more than 1.3 billion people lack access to electricity and billions more need access to a reliable grid. Caterpillar’s Electric Power Division is working to resolve these issues by providing a variety of advanced power solutions. 

Black Belt Delivers Blow to Energy Waste in Thirvullar, India

Facility team reduces overall power consumption, avoids 3,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions

6 Sigma Black Belt Maheswaran Govindan served as project lead and change agent for a major electric power conservation project at Caterpillar in Thiruvallur, India. The team used statistical modeling and analysis to identify opportunities to reduce the facility’s overall power consumption. The results were dramatic. By the end of 2014, these initiatives had already avoided 3,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions and saved the plant more than $234,000.

Propelling More Value Toward Customers

Caterpillar's new twin fin propulsion system delivers better performance and fuel efficiency
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For an inventor, perhaps the biggest thrill is for your design to perform even better than you imagined. Mattias Hansson is a naval architect and one of three inventors, including Bjørnar Helgesen, SMG, and Bjørn Moving, OMT, who together in close cooperation, designed and developed Caterpillar Marine’s new twin fin propulsion concept, which brought home the 2014 Technical Innovation Award from the Seatrade Maritime Awards in Dubai. The first twin fin installation was a retrofit on a seismic survey vessel earlier in 2014, replacing existing azimuth thrusters.

Knoxking Out NOx Emissions

Caterpillar's SoLoNOx System uses lean-burn technologies to reduce NOx emissions

The SoLoNOx system uses lean-burn technologies to reduce NOx emissions. SoLoNOx turbine systems convert fossil fuels into useful work or electricity. By improving combustion technology, Solar is able to do this with a much smaller impact on the environment in the form of NOx emissions and without the need for additional exhaust gas control measures. The SoLoNOx system has been installed on more than 3,000 turbines, and most of Solar’s current engine models can be equipped with the improved system.

Measuring What Matters

Improved productivity, reduction of CO2 emissions

Allen DeClerk, marketing consultant in Caterpillar’s Advanced Components and Systems Division, is part of the team that brought Caterpillar’s machine drive power (MDP) system technology to market. The benefits to our earthworks construction customers are substantial, including, on specific customer project examples, productivity increases in the compaction process and corresponding CO2 emissions reductions, of up to 70 percent. 


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