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Championing a Culture of Safety

North Little Rock Facility's Engaged Safety Culture

Debbie Johnson continues to develop and introduce ways to increase the visibility, efficiency and sustainability of the safety culture at North Little Rock. “It is really satisfying to be linked, in some way, to basically everyone in the facility. We are dedicated to expressing the importance of taking individual responsibility for safety and to ensuring that Caterpillar families and friends know of our commitment to keeping one another safe.”

Built In Quality

Achieving a 50% reduction in injury frequency in Victoria, TX

Steven Rodriguez, team lead in Victoria, Texas, uses BIQ methodology to trace defects back to their root cause and works to eliminate them. Reducing the need to address defects through out-of-process rework also decreases the risk of injury. The Victoria facility has had about a 50 percent decrease in recordable injury frequency (RIF), or safety injuries, from 2013 to 2014.

Read more in the 2014 Sustainability Report.

2014 Sustainability Report: Chairman's Message Video

Caterpillar Chairman and CEO, Doug Oberhelman, provides his thoughts on our sustainability commitment
Multimedia with summary

Sustainability is part of who we are and what we do every day. We protect the health and safety of ourselves and others. We innovate to make our products more efficient and to prevent waste. We support infrastructure development and environmental responsibility. We are a diverse global team striving to build a better world, one community at a time.

Chairman and CEO Doug Oberhelman offers his thoughts on Caterpillar’s sustainability commitment.

Watch his thoughts here

5S Lean Process for Sustainable Office Space

The Caterpillar Production System implemented 5S in office space to increase efficiency with office supplies and organization

Vision 2020 paints a clear picture of the Caterpillar we want to be tomorrow — a company that sets the “gold standard” for performance in safety, quality and velocity. The Caterpillar Production System is helping us achieve these goals by enabling Team Caterpillar to produce the highest quality products as efficiently and safely as possible.

Caterpillar and OCEARCH Work Together to Sustain Oceans

Sharks play a crucial role in maintaining balance in the delicate oceanic ecosystem
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Click here to view a video on how OCEARCH's research helps sustain the oceans with help from Caterpillar.

This video highlights the exciting and sustainable efforts of OCEARCH and its global research on sharks. OCEARCH has led 16 expeditions to safely research the breeding, feeding, migration and birthing patterns of these ocean creatures.

Caterpillar 2013 Sustainability Report: Chairman's Message Video

CEO Doug Oberhelman explains the varied facets of sustainable progress at Caterpillar
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The world's resources support seven billion people today, and will need to support nine billion by 2050. As the world's population increases, demand for resources and infrastructure will increase, too. Sustainable progress to meet these needs and support economic growth will remain absolutely necessary.

Powering the Future: the Value of Sustainability to Caterpillar

A video summary of the company's path to recognizing sustainability as a core value
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In 2013, Caterpillar began a transformational journey with respect to sustainability. From February through November, a "Powering the Future" team, one of our Leadership Excellence in Accountability and Development (L.E.A.D.) leadership development programs, performed an in-depth analysis of our existing sustainability capabilities and strategy. The team was comprised of Caterpillar leaders from a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives. They compared Caterpillar sustainability commitments and achievements to those of our peers and competitors.

Cat® Dealer and Supplier Networks Play Pivotal Role in Sustainability Success

Dealers, suppliers and Mike Rowe of Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs partner for battery recycling program

Caterpillar's global dealer network has taken a significant step forward in materials management with the introduction of the Cat® Battery Recycling Program throughout North America. The benefits of recycling lead acid batteries are obvious. The process harvests lead, acid and plastic for reuse. It minimizes our consumption of raw materials, reduces harmful waste, creates recycling jobs and protects natural resources.

Caterpillar CEO Advocates Sustainability at 2014 China Development Forum

CEO Doug Oberhelman served as co-chair at the 2014 CDF, supporting sustainable economic growth
Press Release

June 24, 2014 /3BL Media/ - Chairman and CEO Doug Oberhelman served as the co-chair of the 2014 China Development Forum (CDF) along with Li Wei, Minister of Development Research Center of the State Council of China. The event was held in Beijing on march 22-24.

Caterpillar Remanufactures More Than Weight of Empire State Building

CEO remarks on breadth of Caterpillar remanufacturing at annual shareholder meeting

Caterpillar US and overseas remanufacturing facilities have returned more than 500,000 tons of materials - the weight of the Empire State Building, plus another 135,000 tons. Remanufacturing efforts at Caterpillar have also eliminated 1 million tons of greenhouse gas from the atmosphere.

In his remarks at the annual shareholder meeting, CEO Doug Oberhelman also illustrated sustainability as a three-legged stool comprised of economic, environmental and social components. These components work in tandem to keep the system of sustainability in balance.


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