How Many Students Does It Take to Save the World: Ask CGI University 2011


Waste-picking is a way of life for millions of children who live in extreme poverty. Living in landfill communities, they and their families spend their days scavenging dump sites for recyclable materials in order to earn $2/day. Determined to understand their needs and interests, and explore solutions and nonprofit partnerships, Ryan Integlia and his friends visited landfill communities in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Who Do You Need to Follow on Twitter? Top Influencers from Clinton Global Initiative

By, Seema Bhende, Waggener Edstrom Worldwide, Social Innovation Practice, Senior Account Director

Ok, I need to admit it. I was a late bloomer with Twitter. When I joined Waggener Edstrom’s Social Innovation Practice ten months ago I quickly realized this agency lives and breathes social media and just updating my Facebook status was not going to cut it. A year ago, to stay in touch with the latest CSR and social impact news, I received countless daily newsletters that I would try to skim during my morning cup of coffee.

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