Propelling Diversity and Inclusion With Action

Colleague resource groups at Clarivate

We’ve created an environment that encourages our colleagues to pursue the issues and address the challenges that are meaningful to them. Led by passionate advocates of inclusion and social consciousness and sponsored by members of our executive leadership team, these groups support colleague communities and provide a way to extend our collective voices around important issues impacting our society. Our active Colleague Resource Groups (CRGs) are essential to advancing sustainability at Clarivate and include Racial & Ethnic Diversity, Women, LGBT+ community building and Volunteering.

Make A Difference to Climate Change

Our grass roots path to success

“Clarivate is in a unique position to leverage the responsibility and opportunities we have as a leader in our industry, to positively impact climate change, one of the defining issues of our time.”

Patrick Simpson, Director of IP Maintenance – Make a Difference to Climate Change Executive Sponsor

Promoting a Sustainable and Ethical Supply Chain

​​​​​​​When it comes to sustainability, it’s not just about us.

“Sustainability is not possible without embedding it throughout our entire global supply chain. Where we purchase, what we purchase, how we purchase and from whom we purchase all matter in advancing a better world for tomorrow”

Peter Frien, Vice President, Procurement

Guiding Environmental Sustainability at Clarivate with Data Driven Insights


As part of our commitment to carbon neutrality by 2024, Clarivate is working with JLL, a leading global real estate services company, to establish a baseline for our carbon footprint. Since we maintain a fully leased real estate portfolio, with energy primarily procured through our various landlords around the world, our current carbon emissions are predominantly categorized as Scope 3, meaning indirect emissions that occur in our value chain. We are continuing to track and report consumption by fuel source wherever data is available.

Our Commitment to Volunteering, Partnerships and Donations


“Giving back is not only a way to support your community and make a difference, it also helps us empathize with others, inspires greater happiness and helps us continue to grow and evolve as a society. I am humbled and excited for the ongoing opportunity to help others achieve a better life through the Clarivate Volunteer Network. “

Sònia Barrios Millan, Clarivate Volunteer Network Global Lead

Advancing Our Community Impact Around the World


"Clarivate has sustainability at its core, as we advance our responsibility and efforts to positively impact the communities in which we live and work. By inspiring colleagues to volunteer locally or even virtually, we are collectively making a difference and contributing to a better world.”

Aman Gata-Aura, Clarivate Volunteer Network Global Lead

Making A Difference: The Clarivate Volunteer Network

Aman Gata-Aura, Team Lead, Professional Services, CompuMark™, Clarivate discusses her career to-date, her development at Clarivate and her role in the Clarivate Volunteer Network.

Aman joined Clarivate in May 2017 as a Solutions Specialist in the Customs & Managed Solutions team and moved up to team leader in the solution designing team. Aman has since moved on to a new role as Strategy Manager, IP Group and is based in London. Since joining Clarivate, Aman has become deeply involved in the Clarivate Volunteer Network (CVN), a colleague resource group that encourages all colleagues to enhance their local communities and enact changes to benefit society.

Creating a Collaborative Ecosystem with Domains for Good


“Clarivate is inspired, eager and uniquely positioned to support nonprofit, mission-driven organizations through our MarkMonitor Domains for Good program. Tightly aligned with our Corporate Sustainability initiatives, Domains for Good helps these organizations navigate online complexities, gain best practices and mitigate cybersecurity risks so they can focus on contributing to a better world.”

Brian King, Head of Policy and Advocacy, Intellectual Property Group

At Clarivate, we believe that collaboration drives sustainability.

Clarivate 2021 Sustainability Goals


Our 2021 sustainability goals are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals – our universal blueprint for collective actions we can take to address the most pressing issues we face as a global community. These essential, interconnected goals have set our transformative course towards a more sustainable future.

Clarivate 2020 Progress Across Sustainability Pillars


Every action we take, no matter how seemingly small, can serve to improve and nurture our world. That’s why at Clarivate, we’re committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity and ethics, protecting our planet, empowering our colleagues to thrive and building collaborative global communities.

Learn more about the progress we made in 2020 across our 4 sustainability pillars:



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