Information Revelation on CNBC Europe - Clean Energy, Emissions

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SAP Chief Sustainability head Peter Graf, along with Ericsson lead Elaine Weidman-Grunewald, explains the profound effect the information and communications industries can have on clean energy and emissions.

The computing sector consumes around 2% of the world's electricity, but recent studies suggest it can reduce energy needs of other industries by up to 18%. With such an enormous impact possible, why isn't adoption happening faster? What can be done to accelerate change? How can we motivate the industry to reduce consumption faster?

Tupperware Brand's CEO Rich Goings Interviewed by Jim Cramer

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Tupperware Brands Chairman and CEO Rick Goings sat down with Jim Cramer to discuss the company’s first quarter sales and how its product innovation and sustainability efforts have impacted the company’s ongoing success.

PwC US is the Exclusive Sponsor of Financial Literacy Month on CNBC

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/3BL Media/ -- PwC US today announced its exclusive sponsorship of Financial Literacy Month coverage on CNBC and during April.


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