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Coca-Cola Enterprises Announces Most Ambitious Sustainability Targets Yet


Coca-Cola Enterprises (NYSE/Euronext Paris: CCE) has launched its 10th annual Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability report today, including new stretch targets on social and environmental performance. These have been built from a strong response to stakeholder feedback and address material issues around well-being, the environment and employability.

The commitments include:

Green IT Tops the Agenda: Coca-Cola Enterprises Becomes the First Company to Achieve LEC IT Accreditation in Great Britain


Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) has reinforced its commitment to sustainability as part of its ongoing strategy to achieve industry leading efficiency across its operations by becoming the first company in Great Britain to achieve a Low Energy Company (LEC) IT accreditation.

Going in Circles is a Good Thing


In October 2014, Coca-Cola Enterprises teamed up with the Financial Times to host the Future for Sustainability Summit. The summit included a keynote on the importance of design in process and product development, by Laura Storm, Director of Sustainia. Here she draws attentions to some of the great examples of innovations from around the world helping to drive the circular economy.

These years, more and more companies are going in circles. And that is a good thing! Let me explain:

Coca-Cola Enterprises Concludes Fifth Annual CRS in Action Week

Multimedia with summary

Each year, Coca-Cola Enterprises hosts ‘CRS in Action Week,’ a week of sustainability events across the company during which each employee is encouraged to get involved in sustainability-related activities. Take a look at our wrap up video and see how we were able to bring sustainability to life throughout our territory!


How Do We Create a New Definition of Business Value Which is Supported by the Financial Community?


In October 2014, Coca-Cola Enterprises teamed up with the Financial Times to host the Future for Sustainability Summit. The summit included a panel discussion on redefining business value, which featured Nik Jhangiani, Chief Financial Officer of Coca-Cola Enterprises. Here he explores further how companies can change investor perceptions of sustainability and better communicate its long-term value.

How can Business Combine Profit with Purpose? The Future for Sustainability Summit (Summary Report and Videos)


On 1st October, Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) hosted the Future for Sustainability Summit in partnership with the Financial Times.  The Summit explored the challenges facing businesses who seek to combine the drive for profit with a wider contribution to society and the environment. 

Coca-Cola Enterprises Joins Group of Companies Urging European Leaders for Unified Action on Climate Change


Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) has signed a letter issued by the Prince of Wales Corporate Leaders Group (CLG) to Heads of State and Government of the European Union this week, urging them to take action on climate change. We join a group of 56 other companies and organisations from a diverse range of sectors, including the likes of General Electric (GE), Tesco, Ikea, GSK and Unilever, representing over 4.5 million employees.

Pledge, Play & Recycle! Coca-Cola Enterprises and Tesco Launch Joint Campaign to Encourage Customers in GB to Recycle More


Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) and Tesco are teaming up in an attempt to boost recycling rates in Great Britain with a new online campaign to engage and educate consumers.

Coca-Cola Enterprises Challenges MBA Students in the One Planet Sustainability Challenge


Last month we joined forces with the University of Exeter in sponsoring their ‘One Planet Sustainability Challenge’. It is the second year that Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) has sponsored the challenge, which tests MBA students from across the globe to find solutions to sustainability issues that we face in today’s society. The two-day challenge was hosted by the University of Exeter’s ‘One Planet MBA’ program, developed in partnership with WWF International and which goes beyond the usual modular learning, with additional extra-curricular workshops and events.


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