Four Steps to Uncovering Enterprise-Level Gaps in EHS Compliance and Culture

EHS FleX to the Rescue!

Many environment, health and safety (EHS) managers are expected to be regulatory compliance experts, as well as help streamline operations and build a strong safety culture at their companies. They often lack the time, personnel, budget and local insight to effectively ensure compliance at every facility.

Kimberly-Clark’s Howard Sharfstein Named Sustainability “Pro” of the Year


Kimberly-Clark announced that Howard Sharfstein, the company’s Associate General Counsel for Environment, Energy, Safety and Sustainability, has received a Crystal Tree Award as Kimberly-Clark’s first-ever Sustainability Pro of the Year. The award is the company’s highest internal recognition for individuals whose work helps drive social and environmental impacts that make our communities and workplaces better for future generations.

Bloomberg BNA Introduces Comprehensive Guide for Chemical Regulation Compliance

Bloomberg BNA Chemicals Management Guide provides up-to-date intelligence on evolving federal and state compliance requirements
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NAEM Announces Collaboration with the Center for Retail Compliance

NAEM's 2017 EHS & Sustainability Management Forum to Feature Emphasis on Retail Industry Challenges
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April 24, 2017 /3BL Media/- Today the National Association for Environmental Management (NAEM) announced they are partnering with the Center for Retail Compliance (CRC) to encourage knowledge-sharing on best practices in environmental compliance.   The organizations are working together to ensure a robust conversation about retail-focused challenges during NAEM’s 2017 EHS and Sustainability Management Forum on October 25-27 in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

How Global EHS Managers Can Improve The Reliability of Facility Compliance Data


Global EHS Managers use self-inspections and/or third-party compliance audits to gauge the EHS risk exposure of their facilities. Self-assessments, compared to third-party audits, may lean towards underreporting findings and underestimating risks. Third-party audits cost more. Is there a solution that can strike a compromise? How can we get reliable indicators of compliance and risk management for global regional and corporate EHS managers? The solution is EHS FleX.

Learn How Antea Group's Flexible Alternative to On-site Audits Can Save You Time, Trouble and Money

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Do you have multiple sites – either around the world, around the country, or around the block? Do you find your EHS budgets and resources are declining but your EHS risks are the same or even increasing? Has your company made any recent acquisitions? Do you need help understanding the status of this newly acquired EHS culture? Do you need help building an environmental inventory to demonstrate the EHS management burden across your expanding portfolio? Then you definitely need this webinar!

2017 AIAG Corporate Responsibility Summit - Registration Now Open!

Examine organizational risk and the strategic integration needed to build sustainable foundations for the future.

Registration is open for the 2017 AIAG Corporate Responsibility Summit

Global business issues today require companies to manage a myriad of topics ranging from worker rights and environmental management to innovation - and the growth of legislative and customer mandates is anticipated to increase.   Emerging issue awareness, compliance strategies and transparency has become the currency needed to be sustainable.

5 Companies Reaping the Benefits of EHS Audits


Environment, health and safety (EHS) audits are incredible tools for assessing regulatory compliance, identifying risk and finding opportunities for process improvement. However, many EHS departments find audits daunting, requiring time, money and resources they may or may not have.

In our experience, EHS audits are one of the most valuable and cost-effective ways to ensure compliance, mitigate risk and propel EHS programs forward.

The Importance of EHS Compliance: Where to Focus, Common Challenges & Consequences of Non-Compliance


These days, environmental, health and safety (EHS) compliance isn’t the sole concern of most businesses—it’s just one part of running a healthy and productive company. But compliance is still an absolute must in order to run a safe and effective business, and EHS managers are faced with the daunting task of managing regulatory compliance across multiple facilities and functions, often without a lot of resources.

Are You Prepared for an EHS Audit?


Environment, health and safety (EHS) audits are often used voluntarily by EHS managers to assess regulatory compliance, identify risk and find opportunities for process improvement.

But depending on industry-specific regulations, stakeholder pressure, or enforcement actions that have been imposed, this helpful tool can become a daunting—and sometimes mandatory—task.

If your organization is facing the latter scenario, taking steps to prepare for an upcoming audit can reduce stress, identify issues that can be remedied quickly, and show auditors you’re committed to EHS.


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