Human Rights Challenges for Business in 2017 – Complementary Briefing


Claiming ignorance is not an option anymore and Human rights standards and due diligence demand is just increasing. But how is the landscape evolving, and what does it mean for corporate risk?

Ethical Corporation’s latest briefing, explains what are the most pressing issues for businesses in 2017 to ensure compliance, mitigate the risks and even go beyond and deliver positive impact in the communities.

Sustainability Has Never Been More Affordable


Successful sustainability practices are more important than ever. Not only will 90% of investors scrutinize a company’s sustainability performance before making investment decisions (according to this study), but nearly 50% of investors indicated that they would not make any investments if the company had less than optimal sustainability performance. Additionally, due to increased public awareness concerning the use of conflict materials, businesses both large and small are facing a great deal of pressure to institute sustainable business models.

When OSHA Visits, Part 1

Part of Antea Group's Guide for New Plant Safety Managers

You have been the new plant safety manager for a little over two months. During this timeframe you have had the opportunity to review the limited number of safety procedures left in your office by your predecessor and you are beginning to move forward with your safety responsibilities by following the requirements in the procedures.

How to Ensure That You are in Compliance with New EU Due Diligence Regulations


In a recent decision, the European Union reported it reached an agreement concerning how it will regulate conflict minerals. The new guidelines set forth will require that companies who are involved in the importing of tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold (3TG)) perform their due diligence to ensure that the minerals they purchase are not from conflict/high-risk sources.

Everything You Need to Know About the Energy Code

Energy Codes are becoming increasingly more complex as alternative compliance paths are developed, higher performance products are introduced into the market, and advanced testing and data collection practices are implemented.

How do building professionals navigate the evolving code landscape, and how do homeowners even know what questions to ask to ensure that their homes are efficient, resilient, safe, and healthy?

There is a growing awareness about the importance of codes—particularly energy codes—as climate change shifts from a theory to a harsh reality.  Codes have the ability not only to substantially decrease the amount of natural resources that our buildings consume, but also to enhance the resiliency, efficiency, durability, and safety of said structures.

When OSHA Comes Knocking

Part Three of Antea Group's Guide For New Plant Managers

You, the new plant safety manager, just left your first one-on-one plant manager meeting (as we talked about in our second blog in this series) and you are on cloud nine!

Practitioner Spotlight--Tony Rossano


Let's take a closer look at one of Antea Group's greatest resources--its people! Next up is Operational Performance and Assurance Senior Project Manager Tony Rossano out of the Charlotte office. Tony talks about what drew him to this field, what TV character he most identifies with, and what he loves best about his job.

Read the full profile on the Antea Group blog.

5 Tips for Managing EHS Compliance Across Global Tech Company Operations


Environment, health and safety (EHS) professionals know their job isn’t simply achieving compliance, but rather sustaining compliance in an ever-changing regulatory environment. But staying on top of changing regulations and requirements is difficult at best.

5 Steps Food & Beverage Companies Can Take to Avoid OSHA Penalties and Preserve Their Reputations


For food and beverage companies, compliance with health and safety regulations is always top of mind. Not only do they want to protect their employees and their customers and avoid costly penalties from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), but they also want to protect their organizations’ reputation and integrity. 

How the Banking Industry Could Shape the Future for Corporate Sustainability

By Gizem Alper

More and more each day, sustainability is becoming a crucial topic in the business world. To this extent, the UN Global Compact has specified four main principles for maintaining a sustainable business: human rights, labor rights, environmental protection and anti- corruption.


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