How to Spot Opportunities in Sustainable Food and Agriculture


by Michael Landymore, Impax Asset Management 

The food and agriculture sector is in the early stages of a far-reaching transition toward more sustainable food production and consumption. Growing environmental and resource pressures, changing consumer demands, technological innovation and ever-tightening regulatory interventions are disrupting depletive practices and unhealthy preferences. This transformation is creating fast-growing insurgent companies and changing the business models of incumbent firms, creating compelling investment opportunities for active investors.

The Potential Dangers of Palm Oil Consumption


The European Safety Authority (ESFA) released a report last year highlighting the potential health hazards posed by the consumption of harmful compounds found in refined vegetable oils. The negative and often misleading news media coverage of Nutella that resulted was so strong that Ferrero (the manufacturer of Nutella), experienced a decrease in product sales.

Getting to the Big Picture

By Kevin Reutter, Principal Network Planning Engineer, TP&E Global Technology Optimization and Implementation, AT&T

We’re a big fan of puzzles in my household. It started off with the small ones – the cartoon trains and characters that took my kids a few minutes to put together. We’ve increased our difficulty since then, and are up to the 500+ pieces.

My kids get a little overwhelmed when we first dump all the pieces out. But together, we form a strategy: starting at the corners and building it out piece by piece from there.

Oceana and Bloomberg Philanthropies: Working Together for Vibrant Oceans


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By Andy Sharpless, Oceana CEO

In January 2014, Bloomberg Philanthropies launched its Vibrant Oceans Initiative, a five-year, $53 million commitment to help restore fish populations around the world. The grant, which supports work by Oceana, Rare and Encourage Capital, marked the largest philanthropic commitment to international fisheries reform management to date.

Sappi’s Key Performance Indicators: Reducing Energy Consumption

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After achieving significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by 2013, we shifted the focus of our improvement work to energy intensity, or the total energy consumed to create a set unit of product. Analysis of our energy use employs a calculation method also used by the Department of Energy and the AF&PA. In this method, energy consumption from purchased electricity is calculated in terms of fuel inputs to account for different fuel efficiencies during power generation and efficiency losses in power transmission.

Reflections on Laudato Si


I think I was about ten years old when Greek and Roman mythology first caught my attention. I’ve always enjoyed good stories, and when you set those stories in distant lands a long time ago and add in a dose of supernatural powers, I’m likely to get sucked in. Heck, that formula worked pretty darn well with Star Wars (and no, I don’t intend to keep referencing Skywalker and Friends in nearly every post – this is the last one for a while, I promise).

With Its New Tech Hub, Bloomberg Shows Start-ups How It’s Done


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Bloomberg may be the new kid in town when it comes to San Francisco’s hot tech scene, but the global business and financial information and news provider is no start-up. That’s abundantly clear when you see its sophisticated new R&D offices in the South of Market (SoMA) neighborhood: no foosball tables, beer taps or Velcro walls here, thank you very much.

The New Sustainability…


Earth Overshoot Day keeps coming earlier, and it’s not an occasion we want to celebrate. It’s the day our annual demand for ecosystem goods and services, like cropland, timber, fish stocks and carbon dioxide absorption, begin to exceed what ecosystems are able to renew in a year.

Guest Post: Feeding the Hungry at Panera Bread


Not by coincidence, I’m blogging today from a Panera Bread cafe near my home in Bethesda, MD. The atmosphere is pleasant, the people are friendly, the wi-fi is reliable and the food is pretty good. (I have a weak spot for the shortbread cookies.) But, as I learned recently, there’s more to this company than meets the eye of a casual visitor.


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