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Signature Volunteer Programs: Two Decisive Questions To Ask Before You Start


On the road to starting a Signature Volunteer Program? It may be tempting to choose a program by first asking employees what they want. Instinct says, “Shouldn’t employees tell us what our Signature Program should be about? It’s their program, isn’t it?” Sure!

“It's Now or Never” on Global Warming - IPCC's Working Group III Makes Findings Public

G&A's Sustainability Highlights (4.15.2021)

The Sixth Assessment Report (AR65) of the United Nations Intergovernmental Report on Climate Change (IPCC) is nearing publication later this year after being delayed for two years. These assessments, as presented in the final report, are a synthesis of the thousands of comments, findings, and perspectives from literally hundreds of experts involved in the preparation. These experts from around the world, from various disciplines and organizations are assembled in designated working groups with specific charters for their work.

The Wait Is Over - SEC Announces Draft Rule on Climate-Related Disclosures

G&A's Sustainability Highlights (04.01.2022)

The long-anticipated new rule for corporate climate change disclosures in registrations and certain periodic reports (such as 10-K filings) has been issued by the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission. The 500+ page draft is now in the required 60-day public comment period, after which the SEC will consider the comments received and move toward the commissioners’ approval of the Final Rule before year-end 2022.

What Is “Good Corporate Citizenship” for Companies Operating in Russia?

G&A's Sustainability Highlights (03.15.2021)

It is often not easy for western companies to live up to the principles of “good corporate citizenship” when they have operations in or are investing in countries without democratic governments. As the unprovoked military invasion of democratic Ukraine by the Russian Federation got underway, western companies doing business in Russia were quickly presented with serious challenges.

IPCC Issues Dire Warning on Climate Change: Time Is Running Out

G&A's Sustainability Highlights (03.01.2022)

The scientific consensus is that climate change is responsible for warming of temperatures, rising seas as icebergs melt, greater intensity of storms (hurricanes, cyclones, and super rainstorms), and more such impacts on Planet Earth. And according to the experts, humans are primarily responsible for climate change.

Emissions Targets Set by Large Firms: Promises Made - Promises Kept?

G&A's Sustainability Highlights (2.16.2022)

“Put your stakes in the ground to set expectations with your company’s investors and other stakeholders.” That is among the pieces of expert advice often offered to newly-named CEOs. Concept: Set a goal or two as you start out as CEO for things you would like to be measured on and held accountable for.

To make this work, the new CEO might make it aspirational for teammates, using the goals to help to set key stakeholder expectations, and focus on the things that realistically can be accomplished in the first year and then in the period beyond.

TD Recognized As the Top Ranked North American Bank in the 2022 S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook

This distinction highlights TD's dedication to implement best sustainable business practices
Press Release

TORONTO, February 10, 2022 /3BL Media/ - TD Bank Group is proud to be recognized with a "S&P Global Silver Class" distinction in the 2022 S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook, one of the most comprehensive annual publications on the state of corporate responsibility. Demonstrating its commitments to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) progress and transparency, TD is the only North American bank ranked in the S&P Global Gold or Silver Class distinctions.

What Can RW's Products or Services Do for Me?


“Let’s make 2022 a year for the history books – a good year. Let’s make it a year we can look back at with satisfaction and pride as we make corporate volunteering a key source of societal resilience, human empathy, and compassionate decision-making.” This is the food for thought that Angela Parker, Co-Founder and CEO at Realized Worth, left us with in our last blog of 2021.

World's Largest Asset Management Firm Sees Opportunity in Stakeholder Capitalism & Sustainability

G&A's Sustainability Highlights (02.01.2022)

“I believe the de-carbonization of the global economy is going to create the greatest investment opportunity of our lifetime.” This bold prediction is part of the annual letter sent to CEOs of publicly-traded companies by CEO Larry Fink of BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management firm.

BlackRock manages US$10 trillion in assets (as of end of 2021), of which $500 billion is in sustainable investments. Each year CEO Fink sets out the firm’s “expectations” of the companies it owns and shares perspectives on investment trends for leaders in the corporate sector.

Listen Up! Doing Corporate Citizenship Better, Together - February 2022


Your data is lying to you. Here's how to get the truth.

The Challenge

In order to ensure that our giving professionals have the evidence-based knowledge they need to maximize giving, we need to answer the following questions:

  1. How does our sector support research about fundraising and volunteerism in Canada?
  2. How can the sector ensure that information gets into the hands of practitioners?

The Solution


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