WaterAid and The VF Foundation Launch Program to Improve Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Cambodia

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NEW YORK, May 9, 2022 /3BL Media/ - WaterAid and The VF Foundation announce the launch of a year-long program to reach more than 85,000 people with access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene in Cambodia.

Aramark Recognizes Volunteers for Outstanding Community Service During the Pandemic

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PHILADELPHIA, April 7, 2022 /3BL Media/ - In celebration of National Volunteer Month (April), Aramark (NYSE: ARMK), the global provider of food, facilities, and uniform services, is recognizing several outstanding employee volunteers across the world for their service to local communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

7 Ways to Build Wellness Into Your Work Day

Working from home doesn’t have to mean sitting more and moving less.

By Deborah Lynn Blumberg

After pivoting to working from home in March 2020, environmental scientist Jill Trescott of Randolph, Minnesota, was thrilled with the extra time she gained from dropping her commute. But soon, she found herself missing the steps she took from the parking lot to her desk, coffee breaks, and walks to team meetings. She just wasn’t moving as much as she used to.

“I realized I was often coming out of my home office at the end of the day having barely moved all day,” she says. “My new work days had a lot less built-in walking.”

Fighting COVID-19: 'An Intersection Between My Military and Civilian Careers'

How our colleague Col. Craig Maceri is using the skills he learned at Merck to help run a vaccination site for the National Guard

Col. Craig Maceri, director, vaccines value chain management, never would have guessed that his career at Merck would someday benefit his role as a commander in the National Guard. But the COVID-19 pandemic took everyone by surprise.

“It’s definitely not like any deployment I’ve been on before,” said Maceri, who fought in the Iraq War.

Looking Back, Moving Forward: Defending Global Health

How viral surveillance insights are helping scientists from Abbott’s Pandemic Defense Coalition stay a step ahead.

Anniversaries serve as a moment to reflect on life’s milestones, whether those milestones be personal, professional or global.

But they also serve as an opportunity to look forward and examine how we can build upon what we’ve experienced to improve in the years ahead.

For many, March marks the anniversary of an event that not only changed the world, but the trajectory of many lives.

Initiative for a Competitive Inner City Releases Third Report in Series Analyzing How the Coronavirus Recession and Recovery Have Affected Businesses and Jobs in the Nation's 100 Largest Metropolitan Areas

Business and Job Losses in the Final Quarter of 2021 Reversed Gains from Earlier in the Year
Press Release

March 16, 2022 /3BL Media/ - Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) today published the third report in its series analyzing How the Coronavirus Recession and Recovery Have Affected Businesses and Jobs in the 100 Largest Metropolitan Areas.

Q&A: Don't Expect “Old Science” to Guide Return-to-the-Office Protocols


The best way to control the spread of the virus and keep people safe is to clean the air that circulates in the office. This does not mean disinfecting the air, it means being smart about airflow; ensure there is proper ventilation, bring as much outside fresh air in as possible, use the best available filtration that you can, and use common sense. Remember that the latest technology isn’t always the answer: if a product sounds too good to be true then it most likely is. 

Honoring Black History Month with Action


Black History Month is a time to reflect on—and express our collective gratitude for—the contributions and legacy of Black Americans to U.S. history and society.

What Is the Gig Economy and How Will It Change the Future of Work?

What is the gig economy exactly, and is it opening the doors to a new era of work? We take a look at the challenges, opportunities and the technology involved in this evolving labor market.

The Covid-19 pandemic certainly has had a profound impact on both private and work life for many of us. While many businesses are working hard to reach an international customer base, we as consumers have also become more aware of local businesses close to where we live.

The gig economy

Individuals, Vets, Families: 'Nobody Should Be Homeless'

Father Bill’s & MainSpring provides emergency shelter, basic needs, supportive housing in southern Massachusetts

Stay-at-home orders early in the COVID-19 pandemic prompted people to reflect deeply on that loaded word—“home.”

Thoughts soon turned to the unhoused—neighbors living in tents in parks, sleeping on sidewalks and in overcrowded shelters. Communities were made aware of just how dire the housing crisis is.


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