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Innovative Technology Drives New CSR Practices - The Minute

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Tech innovations are creating opportunities for companies to explore new ways of executing their CSR commitments, through interactive practices to engage with stakeholders more directly and more effectively. That’s the conclusion of a recent BBC survey of several new online platforms.

Corporate Reputation: Building Brands with CSR and Sustainability -- "The Minute"

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This is a Golden Age of companies that have the concept of profits with a purpose embedded in their strategy.

Los Angeles Makes Sustainability Progress with Innovative Plan - The Minute

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Only recently have Los Angeles and sustainability been mentioned in the same sentence. With its polluted air, freeways clogged with millions of single-passenger cars, chronic water shortages, and over-lit nighttime cityscape, Los Angeles has been a poster city for poor urban sustainability—until last spring.

Companies that Treat Employees Well Attract 35% More Investment From SRI Funds - The Minute

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Treating employees well would seem to be conventional wisdom, business management 101. Many studies show that employees who earn fair wages, enjoy good working conditions, and who work for a company that implements CSR values are more productive, adding real value to a company’s bottom line. Now, a study has found that practicing good employee relations can also be profitable in terms of investment.

World’s Largest Asset Managers Meet to Improve Governance - The Minute

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Tired of being politicized piñatas in a campaign season of widespread bank bashing, the world’s largest asset managers have held summit meetings to discuss how to improve public company governance. The goal is to produce a new, collective statement of best practices that would change the relationship between U.S. companies and investors for the better. That relationship is currently marked by increasing shareholder activism over issues of transparency, driven by an ongoing debate about whether companies are too focused on short-term profits at the expense of long-term investment.

New Healthcare Business Model Takes Effect in Maryland - The Minute

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The ongoing debate over the future shape of American health care has turned the spotlight on an innovative model that is at work right now, and that holds out promise for a major goal of all health care reform: to control costs.

New Index Sets Benchmarks for Long Term Investment - The Minute

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A new investment index has been launched. It’s the latest result of a growing demand by investors to benchmark the impact of CSR, ESG, and sustainability issues on business valuation.

Corporate Political Responsibility: Why Companies Should Get More Political - The Minute

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Business and politics are commonly thought of as coming together only when companies lobby for policies on specific issues that affect their profits. But the strict separation of politics, the economy, and society has always been more of a myth than a reality. And, in the 21st century, companies should get more directly political, argues Doctor Johannes Bohnen, co-chairman of the Atlantische Initiative, a Berlin-based think tank.

“Market Beaters” Include $15B Socially Responsible Parnassus Fund - The Minute

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Beating the stock market year after year is like winning repeat Super Bowls—it’s dauntingly difficult, but not totally impossible.

To find out which money managers beat the market on a consistent basis, Barron’s, commissioned Morningstar to look for all-star outperformers. The final list of domestic stock funds—those guided by the same manager that beat the S&P 500 Index over longer-term time periods—contained just four names, and one of them was a big surprise.

Top CSR Trends of 2015: Cone Communications - The Minute

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It’s that time of the year to sum up the significant CSR trends that emerged in 2015. And what a year for CSR it was: from the Global Citizen Festival to COP21 to hundreds of conferences and events, CSR and sustainability were in the spotlight as never before.


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