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What’s New at CSRHub? A lot!


By Bahar Gidwani

Last week, we upgraded the CSRHub web site with many new benefits and features our members have been requesting.  We also officially launched our new CSRHub Dashboard, an Excel-based tool that allows our subscribers to bring millions of data points from our system into our custom templates and into their own internal systems.

Using “Big Data” to Rate Corporate Social Responsibility: One Company’s Approach


The following is part 1 of a 3-part series on “Big Data.”

By Bahar Gidwani

“Big Data” is a useful tool for rating corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability performance.  We believe that the Big Data system that CSRHub has developed is one answer to dealing with the rise in new ratings systems (it seems there is a new one announced each month) and with the disparities in scores that occur among these different systems.

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For more than a decade, there have been complaints about the endless streams of sustainability related questionnaires that land inside corporations. In the past, complaints primarily came from publicly traded companies, as investment related sustainability indices became the trend.

How to Use CSRHUB for Company Benchmarking


 By Jana Petrikova

Several times we have been asked how to use CSRHUB to do benchmarking. One approach to this would be to look at a controversial, but well-known and well-studied company, such as Monsanto.

Would I Still Love Football If They Didn’t Keep Score?

(And Can I Really Care About CSR If I Don’t Know The Score?)

By Steve Zuhl

In the spirit of full candor I must admit that I have cared more, for longer about football (FB) than my more recent interest in corporate social responsibility (CSR).  I also confess that a part of my being exalts in a win, or suffers from that special hell that comes front and center with a loss, after a big game for a favorite team.  Regardless of what occurs during the three hours of the game, the bottom line story of the scoreboard renders all else meaningless in comparison.


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