More Than 1,000 Sustainability Reports Expected in Next Two Years in North America: CSE Research

by Nikos Avlonas

Sustainability reports are a very useful tool for all companies who wish to communicate their actions towards sustainable development. They include a number of issues that directly or indirectly relate to the company and its activities, and can be of interest to different stakeholder groups that are involved with the company. Sustainability reporting is the tool an organization can use in order to understand both its exposure to risks, and potential business opportunities.

Top 2016 Sustainability Conferences in the US

by Shannon Houde

No matter how you spin it, professional development and in-person networking are paramount to making a successful career move in the sustainability and impact space. Conferences can be great opportunities for developing new relationships and broadening business networks, plus they can be fun ways to get new ideas.  But, as you probably know, there are so many to choose from and attendance comes with a hefty price tag. Therefore, it is important to prioritize events that offer something that specifically interests you. 

America Recycles Day Should Be Every Day

by Carmen Becker

America Recycles Day came and went without much fanfare this year. Yet it is still a powerful reminder to us not only how far recycling has come since it became a mainstream practice in the 1970s, but also that it still faces significant challenges.

Are You Losing Your CSR Talent to Social Enterprise?

by Kimberly Hendler

In my 10 years of working in talent recruiting and development in the nonprofit and social enterprise sectors, I often find myself in conversations with private sector professionals looking for a change. The scenario is fairly predictable at this point: a successful business person comes home every night feeling that he or she is missing out on the opportunity to make a difference. These professionals usually are quite successful, but unhappy because they feel completely disconnected from some of the most pressing challenges of our time. 

Five CSR Trends to Watch for in 2016

by Maeve Miccio

Global CSR policies will create new challenges and opportunities for internal collaboration

Capital Markets Heading for Value 2.0

by Dr. Maximilian Martin

“Impact Investing is still a small part of the capital markets. But the returns on these investments are good enough to attract vastly larger amounts of capital. And governments, through financial and other incentives, can further encourage the allocation of capital to investments using environmental, social and governance criteria.”

—Robert Glauber, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, former U.S. Under Secretary of the Treasury

Evolving to Gender Balanced Leadership: Let’s Make 2016 the Year We Let Our Voices be Heard – Loudly.

by Elba Pareja-Gallagher

Recently, I led two panels at a symposium in Chicago on gender equality on boards and in the C-suite. The event approached the problem and solution through the lens of the investor and social impact organizations – and our power to compel change.

To Make Companies Understand It, Sustainability Must Speak Their Language

by Dr. Donato Calace

“So what did you find out?” asked my friend while picking up his pint and taking a generous, hard-earned sip after a long working day. He is a Metals & Mining Asset Manager in a large and well-known investment bank. I am a Ph.D. candidate studying how environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters can be integrated into mainstream business strategy.  He was asking about my three-year research project on sustainability reporting and companies’ decision-making processes. “Is anybody actually using that sort of data?

Turning Around the Energy Crisis

by Maximilian Martin

“An exciting, original approach how we can fast track the green economy and green finance by combining opportunity and responsibility in new compelling ways.”

—Terry Tamminen, Former Secretary, California Environmental Protection Agency and Chief Policy Advisor to the Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Being Thankful in the Consciousness Revolution

by John Perkins

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”– Henry Ford


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