Nine Amazing Ways to Give Back in 2017

By Gaurav Bhattacharya

Corporate houses and entrepreneurs are custodians of the future. They are responsible for creating a long lasting measurable change that could add value in the economic and social welfare arenas.

Companies involved in social welfare activities tend to have happier employees, loyal customers and more prosperity as compared to companies who don’t. This encourages the consumers to buy products from a Socially Responsible company.

Here in this blog post we describe 9 amazing ways which employers could use to give back in 2017.

Recycling: Opportunities & Challenges

By: Michael McManus

Simply put, recycling is a win-win industry. It takes products or commodities which have been previously used and turns them into something new, like plastic, or the same exact thing as it was before, like paper. 

I recently spoke at the Recycle Confex in Dubai, where industry professionals from around the world over came together to discuss the present and future of recycling.

Driving the Next Phase of Corporate Sustainability: the Private Sector

By William Truszkowski

The nation’s first privately-run electric bus fleet began service in Chicago in December 2016, and it's not run by the City of Chicago—it’s run by the owners of Aon Center and Prudential Plaza. The Fleet, as the buses will be known, represents how building owners are going beyond the walls of their properties to address the goals of their tenants’ corporate social responsibility platforms.

The Advent of the Corporate University and How it Impacts Your Company

By Pamela Hawley

Business schools are gaining some competition. But it’s not from one another, it’s actually from corporations.

Corporations have set up "corporate universities" in order to serve upper level management, and sometimes the entire company. What they’re doing is educating their team on the essential principles, functions, and operations of how the company works. Even further, they’re giving business lessons, communications, and technical expertise that can be taught on this “corporate campus,” often negating the need for "B-School.”

How Doing the Right Thing Can Inspire Employees and Build Customer Loyalty


In today’s competitive landscape, brands need to be purpose-driven if they want to outperform their competitors and increase their bottom line. The same rule applies if they want to keep their employees happy and their customers loyal.

By maximizing partnerships with non-profit organizations, companies can create opportunities that allow their employees and customers to also play an important role in the company’s purpose.

Here are some ways non-profit partnerships can pay off for both employees and customers:  

Helping Public-Private Partnerships Reach Their Full Potential

By Eileen Howard Boone

Companies partner with nonprofit organizations every day, but how closely are they measuring the outcomes of these partnerships? Are companies holding their partners accountable and setting goals that will help define success? Are these partnerships bringing value and really making a difference? The impact of partnerships can be measured in a number of ways.

"Swipe Right" on Nonprofit Partners

By Eileen Howard Boone

While researching potential partners has never been easier through the use of technology, there is still a fair amount of due diligence required to find the right partner match.

Every year, not-for-profit organizations go through the painstaking process of establishing corporate relationships with the hopes of obtaining critical funding to advance their missions, while companies equally struggle to identify non-profits that help advance their positive social impact. For both, choosing the right partner that is a good fit can be a challenging proposition.

lt All Starts with Healthy Soil

By Larry Clemens

Tim Smith is among a growing number of innovative farmers who are managing their croplands with practices that promote conservation of land and waters while increasing crop yields.

Studying a Growing Niche: What Does Being a CR or Sustainability Professional Mean?

By Dr. Donato Calace

Corporate responsibility (or its sister concepts such as sustainability, corporate citizenship, and the like) may have won “the battle of ideas”, being awarded with the status of its own in business schools and having dedicated departments in the world largest companies, it still remains a tucked away exotic island compared to well established continents of other management disciplines, such as strategy or marketing.


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