Transforming Business: A Play in Four Acts

By Eduardo Sasso

Imagine a play in four acts: the first one describes a revolution underway in the business world; in the second act religion leaves the public square, paving the way for the ascent of money; the third one showcases social movements, long ignored or forgotten; the fourth sounds like a dream, awaiting full germination and yet to take deeper root.

Univision Promotes "Access for All" with Community Empowerment Programs

By Kelly Eisenhardt

By focusing on four areas most critical for success – education, health, prosperity, and civic engagement – Univision is empowering the Hispanic community by providing families life-changing access to information, programs and services.

What's a Company's Social Responsibility After the Sale?

By Megan Wild

When considering corporate social responsibility, many companies tend to look at it with a front-end perspective. The attitude in large is that, “I’ve done everything up to X point, and now it’s hands off for me.” Companies, who take on such a view aren’t necessarily in the wrong. The fact that they are considering sustainability puts them above a large number of businesses.

However, to get to the next level of business sustainability, it’s necessary to consider what the consumer will do with the product after the sale.

Here's How Volunteering Can Strengthen Your Company

By Pamela Hawley

Volunteering can do more than make you feel good - it can also help strengthen your company. Volunteering is a key part of any Corporate Social Responsibility program, and can improve your corporate culture in many ways. It shows what your company stands for, improves employee attraction/retention, encourages employees to work together, and enhances corporate brand image. If you haven’t guessed it already, all of these factors help your company’s bottom line while also serving the community.

Instils Company Values

Natural Business for a World That's Waking Up


Albert Einstein threw down the gauntlet for our human evolution when he said,

Historic United State of Women Summit

By Jerin Arifa

On June 14, the White House organized the first-ever United State of Women Summit with 5,000 women, girls and men across the United States and around the globe. Leaders spanning government, corporate and nonprofit sectors convened to celebrate women’s achievements, while highlighting the work still necessary to achieve gender parity. Speakers included President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, First Lady Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Warren Buffet.

What You Can Do to Fix a Broken System. You Personally!

By John Perkins

“What can I do to fix a broken global economy? Me personally.” It’s a question I’ve heard a lot these past few months as I’ve crisscrossed the US speaking at TED venues, music concerts, the World Affairs Council, bookstores, on radio and TV shows, and at a variety of other forums.

During this election year it is important to recognize that corporations pretty much run the world. Despite the outcome of the elections, they will continue to do so – at least for a while. Whether that is good or bad depends on the questions we ask ourselves – and the answers

How Companies Can Make Business Travel Sustainable

By Megan Wild

Business travel is necessary because it’s how many companies serve their clients. The ability to visit client locations represents the ability to show up, build relationships and deliver products on all accounts.

Morgan Stanley: Aligning Financial Returns with Impact Objectives

By Kelly Eisenhardt

The impact investment community continues to grow and the need for increased capital to fund sustainability based investments is at an all-time high. Investors are searching for a way to align their financial returns with their impact objectives.

Lily Scott Trager is the Director of Investing with Impact for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management.

What is the Climate Change and Fossil Fuel Aware Investing Tool Kit?

Shifting Winds: How Millennials are Driving the Movement to Do Good

By Charles Antis

Have you seen the SNL skit entitled “The Millennials?” It hilariously portrays millennials as dull, living-at-home, uninterested in work, always on their cell phones, and pretty much unreliable. Is this an accurate assessment? I vote a resounding “No!” In fact, my experience says that millennials are going to change the world… “for good!” Millennials are the largest generation in the U.S. and they are quickly becoming the most influential population today.


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