Five Cities That Are Leading the Way on Solar Power

By Jonathan Deesing

Solar power is rapidly expanding in the U.S. — by 2015, there was enough solar capacity to power 5.4 million American homes. And the nation’s major cities are leading the revolution to power their metropolises with clean energy and sustainable lifestyles.

What a Waste of Business Resource!

By Mike Tuffrey

Corporations spend billions every year on causes and in communities around the world. But a shocking new survey shows they actually know little about the difference it makes. 

Nowadays everyone agrees that spending shareholder funds in scattergun philanthropy doesn’t make sense: it’s not good for people in need, nor for companies trying to justify and sustain a community investment (CCI) programme.

The Vanguard of Future Business

By Giles Hutchins

Each generation experiences significant change due to innovations, disruptions and shifting perspectives transforming our ways of operating and organizing in business and beyond. Yet, the times in which we live herald paradigmic and metamorphic shifts challenging what we do and the way we do it, calling into question our sense of purpose, and demanding wholly new ways of creating and delivering value.

SASB – Promoting Sustainability Accounting Metrics for Managers and Investors

By Kelly Eisenhardt

In today’s world, many investors are looking closely at a company’s sustainability performance and risks. The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) continues to advance the use of sustainability accounting standards that are backed by evidence-based research and stakeholder participation.

Why Infrastructure Building in Developing Nations Must Start with Solar

By Jonathan Deesing

The question of energy efficiency is ever-pressing, especially as it relates to infrastructure growth in developing nations. In fact, so much attention has been given to this topic that the International Solar Alliance recently invited 120 countries to support the expansion of solar technologies in the Global South.

We are Already Facing Consequences of Rapid Climate Change

by Michael Carlo

An unfortunate and dangerous commonality persists among conversations concerning human-driven climate change. Often, the consequences of climate change are spoken of as something that will take place in the future, something that is decades from now. Naively, many even talk as if it is something that is still preventable if only we could convince people to take on a "green" lifestyle, industry to clean up its act, and policy makers to face overwhelming evidence. While those are worthy pursuits, that naiveté is dangerous.

Values-Based Innovation: Meeting the Demands of the New Green Economy

by Robert Bikel

If you ask 100 people to name a “green company,” many would rattle off solar and other renewable energy companies, environmentally friendly non-toxic cleaning supplies manufacturers, or perhaps organic farm delivery services.

The Impact of Corporate Sustainability Education for Professionals and Organizations

by Nikos Avonlas

Although Corporate Sustainability has grown rapidlyover the past years and most executives in various research studies declare that Sustainability is extremely important to their business, few organizations globally have integrated sustainable values into their core strategy and supply chain.

There are many reasons why this is happening. 

Raising the Voices of Sustainability Thought Leadership

by Kelly Eisenhardt

Sustainability thought leaders are seeking experienced communications organizations to help get their vision and mission communicated both internally and externally, along with promoting new trends.

An Effective Global CSR Vision

by Pamela Hawley

So you are a global company, but don’t quite yet have a handle on global CSR? Maybe you have a domestic program in place, or even give to a crisis here and there.  But expanding to the international realm is quite another level. 


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