What Gaming System Should You Buy For The Holidays? Xbox One Vs. PS4

Conflict minerals should play a role in your holiday shopping decisions

This holiday season when all the little girls and boys are filling out their lists with an upgrade to their gaming systems, there really are only two choices, the Sony Playstation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox One.

Gold: Top DRC Conflict Mineral

New report shows that gold is the most sought after mineral in the Eastern Congo

In a new report, the International Peace Information Service (IPIS) has reported that out of the 800 mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), 200 are involved with armed groups and 265 are involved with the army.  Both of which impose illegal taxes on miners. Many of these mines are gold producing, which are targeted by the armed groups because of the hike in price of gold and the ease of smuggling gold.

Delays in Creation of EU Conflict Minerals Law


Given the success of US Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, the EU was expected to follow suite and craft their own conflict minerals reporting law. But it seems that an impact assessment and proposal are taking longer than expected to come before the college of EU commissioners, and now it looks like it will not happen until the spring. The fear now is that if a law is not drafted before the european election in May, it may never happen because of the changing of the guard.

Does SEC Conflict Minerals Reporting Law Apply to You?

Ask the Experts

A recent survey by PWC found that nearly two-thirds of companies have not yet started due diligence requirements outlined in Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act.  Of the 900 executives surveyed, one third said they are still trying to determine if the ruling applies to them.  With the first reporting deadline fast approaching, businesses are running out of time to complete the complicated steps of product filtering, RCOI, due diligence, data assessment and assurance, and reporting.  

D. Richard McDonald of Dykema Discusses Conflict Minerals Legislative Overview

Multimedia with summary

Hear D. Richard McDonald, Dykema, discuss Conflict Minerals Legislative Overview at AIAG's "Conflict Minerals, An Industry Briefing" held on September 27, 2012

Visit for the full presentation, and read more about AIAG's Conflict Minerals work group at


Jean-Paul Meutcheho Discusses Tracing Country of Origin for Conflict Minerals Reporting

Multimedia with summary

Hear Jean-Paul Meutcheho, Ford Motor Co., discuss tracing country of origin, OEM/Tier 1 perspective, at AIAG's "Conflict Minerals, An Industry Briefing" held on September 27, 2012.

LAST CHANCE to Register: Are Global Brands & OEM's Exposed from the Complexities of Implementation?


Global Brands and OEM's now realize that Conflict Minerals Compliance is an end-to-end Supply Chain maze that can translate into loss of business. The exposure they face from the complexities of Conflict Minerals Compliance implementation increases pressure to eliminate risk. 

Learn from programs in motion how to tackle the complexity that comes along with Conflict Minerals Compliance, sourcing due diligence, reporting requirements and potential auditing.   

Conflict Minerals Clock Thunders in Global Brands Ears


Within the last month, the Conflict Minerals 'clock' has gone from a mild tick to a loud thunder in the ears of Global Brands. Source Intelligence has received unrivaled amounts of Request For Proposals (RFP) indicating mass awareness of the importance to comply. 

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