Dodd-Frank Section 1502

Discussed Changes to Dodd-Frank Will Not Affect 2017 Conflict Minerals Filing Requirement


The acting chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced this week that the agency would reconsider how to enforce the conflict minerals rule contained within the Dodd-Frank Act, Dodd-Frank Section 1502.

The Power Now Lies In The Hands Of The General Public To Evaluate Supply Chain Compliance


With the shift in regulatory supply chain compliance moving from a framework with clear rules and processes to a mandate to achieve an idea or goal, the evaluation now lies with the companies themselves and more importantly, consumers. Rather then having to identify the specifics of what must be done, companies must now put their efforts in to a due diligence process to investigate, discover and implement.

There is No Such Thing as "One Size Fits All" for Conflict Minerals Compliance


Industry experts convened at the Automobile Industry Action Group (AIAG) 2013 CR Summit in Novi, MI to discuss the challenges organizations face in developing strategies to meet Dodd-Frank Section 1502 Conflict Minerals regulatory compliance requirements.  Jordan Groves, Sales Director at Source Intelligence, provided perspective based on the hundreds of organizations Source Intelligence has worked with over the past two years and provided a synopsis of 4 different approaches to addressing Conflict Minerals Compliance: 

Global Brands Grasp the Magnitude of Risk as Bangladesh Factory Disaster Continues to Unfold


With the Bangladesh factory collapse raw in Shareholders minds, one agenda item is clear: Identify Human Rights Risks in the Supply Chain.

From a purely business perspective, the goal is to manage the risk of human rights violations due to the risks to shareholder value posed by human rights practices in their operations and supply chain.

Recognized Global Supply Chain Innovator Joins World Class Speaker Line-Up at the Inaugural Global Symposium


The Head of Global Supply Chain for Tata Consultancy Services, Christopher Gopal, is one of the elite speakers for the inaurgual Global Conflict Minerals Symposium taking place in Los Angeles, California on August 21-22 of this year.

Insight into Global Brands' Concerns Surrounding Conflict Mineral Legislation


In a recent Source Intelligence webinar, companies showed unprecedented interest in the Canadian Conflict Minerals Bill C-486, sponsored by Paul Dewar, a Member of Parliament. 

Mr. Dewar generously offered to answer the webinar attendees inquires. Below are a couple of examples; click here for the balance of the questions (Select the 'download Q&A transcript').


Q. How will the Canadian Authorities enforce this new Bill?

One Source for Compliance | REACH and RoHS Inquires Answered


Source Intelligence developed a truly unique program designed to help all companies address the REACH and RoHS compliance. We have a deep understanding of how supply chains work and the values placed on the relationships that exist between customers and suppliers. 

What does REACH stand for? 

The Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals.

REACH addresses the production and use of chemical substances, and their potential impacts on both human health and the environment.

What does RoHS stand for?

Use the Inspiration of Earth Day and Nominate a Speaker for the Global Symposium


How are you spending Earth Day 2013? Take the next five minutes and register for the Inaugural Global Conflict Minerals Symposium on August 21- 22 of this year. 

Do You Have the Insights and Vision to Achieve Conflict-Free Sourcing Practices


On August 21st of this year the Conflict Minerals Consortium is hosting the Inaugural Global Conflict Minerals Syposium in Los Angeles, California. The Symposium coincides with the 1-year anniversary of the Dodd-Frank Section 1502 Conflict Minerals Final Rule.  


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