Dry January

Here's What Happens To Your Body After Just One Week Of Dry January

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Physical dependence is part of alcohol use disorder. If you experience withdrawal symptoms during Dry January, consider discussing your concerns about alcohol use with a healthcare professional.

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Alcohol & Your Immune System

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During the pandemic, it is important to try to stay as healthy as possible. Here are some reasons why you may want to take a closer look at your drinking habits during Dry January and beyond.

Dry January Isn’t for Everyone, Experts Say. Some Drinkers Need Treatment. Others Are Trying Dry-Ish January

By Kate Thayer

Dry January has become an annual trend in the past several years, prompting many to abstain from alcohol for the inaugural month of the year.

But does it work?

While it’s not unusual for bars to capitalize on the Dry January trend, offering mocktails as an alternative to patrons, there’s another mechanism for mindful drinking: Dry-ish January, according to Jennifer Contraveos, Chicago-based senior portfolio ambassador for Bacardi USA.

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