Boeing ecoDemonstrator 757 Expands Testing to Improve Aviation's Environmental Performance

Flying with U.S.-made green diesel, "energy harvesting" windows, 3D-printed flight deck component made with 787 carbon fiber
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June 30, 2015 /3BL Media/ - Boeing (NYSE: BA) has announced the next phase in ecoDemonstrator 757 testing, including the first flight with U.S.-made "green diesel" and two new environment-related technologies. These developments advance the ecoDemonstrator program's mission to accelerate the testing and use of technologies to improve aviation's environmental performance.

Boeing Researches Earth-Friendly Flying

By Glenn Farley, KING 5 News

Boeing calls them ecoDemonstrators, test airplanes equipped with new technologies looking for ways to make flying more environmentally friendly.

Boeing is now flying its third ecoDemonstrator, an older Boeing 757 nearing the end of its economic lifespan. More on why that's significant in a moment.

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Smaller Tails, Big Breakthroughs

Tests could lead to design changes, better fuel efficiency

An airplane’s tail is unmistakable: elegant, large and often hulking. But what if reducing its size could lead to more efficient air travel?

A series of tests that concluded last month on the ecoDemonstrator 757 are trying to answer that question.

“That’s the coolest part — there really is potential for this to make a big impact on our products,” said Ed Whalen, a project manager with Boeing Research & Technology. “There could be a significant change to the airplane design due to this technology, and we’re actually demonstrating it.”

Boeing ecoDemonstrator 757 Flight Tests Focus on Aerodynamic Efficiency

New technologies include active flow control, bug-phobic wing coatings
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SEATTLE, April 6, 2015 /3BL Media/ -- Boeing [NYSE: BA] has begun several months of flights with its ecoDemonstrator 757 to evaluate new technologies to improve commercial aviation's efficiency, reduce noise and carbon emissions. Boeing is collaborating with TUI Group and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on ecoDemonstrator 757 tests.

Big Data for a Better Planet

Boeing's ecoDemonstrator 787 harnesses the power of big data to help make flying more efficient in real-time.
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Boeing's ecoDemonstrator 787 harnesses the power of big data to help make flying more efficient in real-time.

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Boeing ecoDemonstrator 787 Tests Innovations for More Efficient Air Travel

Testing digital technologies, remote sensors, icephobic wing coatings to reduce fuel use, emissions, noise
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SEATTLE, Nov. 17, 2014 /3BL Media/ - The Boeing [NYSE: BA] ecoDemonstrator 787 has begun flight testing more than 25 new technologies aimed at improving aviation's environmental performance through every phase of flight.

Boeing ecoDemonstrator: Cleaner Skies Ahead

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Soon the skies will be cleaner, thanks to Boeing's ecoDemonstrator, an inaugural flight test program that's already improving airplane performance and bringing environmentally friendly technologies to life sooner.

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