The EU Proposal on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence is Here - How Will It Impact Your Organization?


After multiple delays, the European Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence – comprising mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence (mHREDD) – was published on February 23, 2022. The draft legislation proposes extensive new due diligence requirements for over 13,000 European and 4,000 non-European companies providing products or services in the European Union (EU), subject to employee and revenue thresholds.

How << Improvement Magnitude >> Can Help Drive Positive, Sustainable and Scalable Impact


A strong sustainability management framework provides companies with the foundation needed to drive positive, scalable impact in the real world. And that is precisely the type of institutional capacity that is assessed and reflected in scoring data.

Recognizing that impact and score performance go hand-in-hand, we closely monitor the total scope of score improvement across our network. We call this metric “improvement magnitude.”

Driving Positive Change Through Business Sustainability


The time for signaling “ambition” has expired; “planning” and “target setting” are no longer enough. Now, more than ever, “implementation” must be the watchword for effective corporate sustainability governance.

Norwegian Supply Chain Transparency Act: What Norway's New Due Diligence Law Means for Your Business and How EcoVadis Can Help


From July 1, 2022, the Norwegian Transparency Act will impose extensive new due diligence obligations on large companies selling products and services in Norway. The legislation mandates that liable firms be able to account for the human rights and fair labor practices, not only of direct or “Tier 1” suppliers, but of all those indirect vendors and subcontractors who comprise the entirety of the upstream and downstream value chain.

EcoVadis Network Impact Report Summary

Multimedia with summary

A nutshell summary of the EcoVadis Network Impact Report 2022.

Our second Network Impact Report showcases how we are continually working to measure and scale impact across our ratings network – in the video are some of the highlights of the past year.

Click here to access the video

For more on how we can create positve impact together, read our latest EcoVadis Network Impact Report

EcoVadis and the German Supply Chain Act


For companies who sell into Germany, there are new expectations for sustainability: How will the recent German Supply Chain act impact your relationships?

Find out in this white paper: EcoVadis and the "Supply Chain Act"

O-I Glass Sustainability Rating Upgraded; Designated Top-Rated ESG Performer

Press Release

PERRYSBURG, Ohio, January 31, 2022 /3BL Media/ – O-I Glass, Inc. (“O-I Glass” or “O-I”) has received two significant acknowledgments for its continued Sustainability transformation. EcoVadis upgraded O-I’s rating to Silver (2021: Bronze), and Sustainalytics awarded O-I with an ESG Regional Top-Rated performer classification.

Positive Sustainability Impact Accelerates Across the EcoVadis Network

EcoVadis Network Impact Report: Sustainability Best Practice Metrics Rise Sharply, as Score Improvements Triple Since 2016
Press Release

PARIS & NEW YORK, February 2, 2022 /3BL Media/ – The second annual EcoVadis Network Impact Report, released today, shows rapid acceleration in the “scaling up” of sustainability impacts, such as the increased use of reuse & recycle measures, increased implementation of equality programs, and more. Since 2016, several positive environmental and social actions have risen sharply and the total scope of score improvement has tripled across the EcoVadis network.

How You Can Help Accelerate the Sustainable Transition in the New Year


With the breadth of challenges facing humanity, each new year gives us the collective opportunity to reflect on the progress we’ve made toward creating a more sustainable future for all. And while the pandemic has highlighted the weaknesses of our interconnected global society, it has also reinforced that collaboration is needed across every region, every sector of our economy and every segment of society to address our current problems. But above all, it has shown that we have the capacity to achieve rapid change if we all play our part.


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