Medtronic Provides New Pathways to Debt-Free Education

Enabling employees to pursue their academic and career goals

Innovation begins with ideas, vision, and — most importantly — people. Medtronic Chairman and CEO Geoff Martha calls innovation “a people-powered business.”

AEG’S LA Kings Partners With Blue Shield of California To Engage Young Readers Through “Storytime With the LA Kings”

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AEG's LA Kings have partnered with Blue Shield of California to launch ”Storytime with the LA Kings” a new reading program designed to help foster reading comprehension skills among children ages 3 - 9 in Southern California.

The Future Is Bright Campaign Expands Into China

Illumina and Cold Spring Harbor Asia DNA Learning Center reach more than 1,000 STEM learners through a new program

July 1, 2022 /3BL Media/ - Every year for DNA Day in April, Illumina teams organize “The Future Is Bright” activities around the world to inspire students’ STEM learning through community partners and educators teaching genomics in their classrooms. This year, the company partnered with Cold Spring Harbor Asia DNA Learning Center to expand these activities into China for the first time.

With New Tech, Cleveland Students Leave the Digital Desert Behind

Verizon Innovative Learning transforms the middle school experience for students and their families.

Miles Park School student Anthony Black explores a virtual reality experience.

Anthony Black, a 7th-grade student at Miles Park School in Cleveland, remembers what it was like before his school became a Verizon Innovative Learning School. To get online, Black would need to wait for an open desktop in the shared computer lab. At home, he and his three siblings shared the family computer, rushing to finish their homework so the next child could have a turn.

Learning Center Awarded New Outdoor Classroom From Green Mountain Energy Sun Club

The ongoing project plans to have the classroom’s raising and dedication for spring 2023
Press Release

MEADVILLE, Pa., June 1, 2022 /3BL Media/ - The Learning Center K-8 School is thrilled to be awarded a $108,600 sustainability grant from Green Mountain Energy Sun Club for the design and construction of a timber-framed outdoor classroom on school grounds. Site specific preparation and student programming started in fall 2021, and work on this project will continue through the next year with the raising and dedication of the classroom planned for spring 2023.

Christensen Fund Awards $200,000 Grant to AISES

Support Advances Racial Equity in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Education and Careers
Press Release

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., May 20, 2022 /3BL Media/ - Today AISES announces the Christensen Fund has awarded a $200,000 general operating support grant to widen Indigenous access to, and participation in, the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) workforce, and grow sector support.

Cambridge Launchpad As Illumina Targets Five Million STEM Learners


 By Tony Quested

Cambridge is unveiled as the launchpad for the biggest long-term initiative ever unveiled on this side of the Atlantic to get more youngsters involved in STEM careers – thanks to US genomics giant Illumina.

Illumina and Cambridge LaunchPad joined forces in an historic venture to take the DNA Day programme to UK schools for the first time. Cambridge was chosen for the launch as the founding cradle of DNA discovery and genomics advancements.

Klein Tools and The Home Depot Support the Future of Trades Training on National Signing Day


Klein Tools creates almost every type of tool used across the maintenance, construction and industrial trade professions. But for students about to embark on a trades training career path, Klein is crafting a celebration.

3M Perspectives on the State of Science


This year’s State of Science Index (SOSI) shows that there is hope on the horizon for science. While all generations have exceptionally high trust in science (90% younger, 89% older), younger generations are more likely to say science is very important to their everyday lives (61% of Gen Z and Millennials, vs. 53% of Gen X and Baby Boomers). Looking further, SOSI data indicates that social impact is the next big opportunity for science.


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