Practitioner Spotlight--Angie Stagg


Antea Group spotlights Angie Stagg, one of its key account leaders based in Minnesota. Angie loves to consult internationally and has a very impressive portfolio, from working with local women in Kenya to meeting with representatives of global companies.

Read what Angie has to say about being successful, working at Antea Group, and more.

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Deciphering Local EHS Paradigms (All Over the World)

With Global EHS Registers And Protocols

In a global company, an EHS manager faces challenges in trying to comply with EHS regulations that are local to each facility location—  lack of input from local experts, different languages laws are presented in, no first-hand experience of the location, or no understanding of cultural nuances.

CNH Industrial Working to Make Manufacturing Even Safer in Brazil

As of April 2019, the New Holland Agriculture plant in Curitiba, Brazil achieved the milestone of five million hours without an absence-causing incident.
Press Release

May 20, 2019 /3BL Media/ — CNH Industrial (NYSE: CNHI /MI: CNHI) achieved a year-on-year reduction of 55% in the total number of incidents causing an absence of one or more days in 2018, at its production facilities in Brazil. These results are testament to the effectiveness of the methodologies the Company adopts in terms of workplace safety.

Diversity and Inclusion is a Winning Strategy for EHS and Sustainability Teams

Latest NAEM report outlines key strategies to improve talent management, employee retention and succession planning
Press Release

Diversity and inclusion strategies are the best way to build high-performance teams, improve employee retention and prepare the EHS&S function for a wave of leadership succession, according to a new report published today by NAEM.

NAEM is the National Association for Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHS&S) Management.

At a time when succession planning is a critical program for leadership at all companies, Executive Director Carol Singer Neuvelt said the report offers fresh thinking to inform EHS&S staffing strategies.

Facility Response Plan Exceptions & Alternatives

Providing Context for Determining If Sensitive Resources Are Present and What Comes Next

A Facility Response Plan (FRP) is required if a facility stores over 1 million gallons of oil (petroleum and vegetable). However, there are exceptions for facilities where it can be demonstrated that a catastrophic release would not impact a sensitive resource as defined by 40 CFR 112.

Read our blog about how you can use modeling to determine an impact and thereby develop a more cost-effective response, no matter what type of plan your facility implements.

EHS Global Moments: Colombian Safety Committee Representative Elections


Each month, Antea Group’s blog series, EHS Global Moments, highlights an international, country-specific EHS regulation applicable to offices and other non-manufacturing, lower-risk operations.

This month we highlight how Colombia takes a unique and democratic approach to creating and maintaining safety committees in any company with ten or more employees.

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To Get Buy-In From the C-Suite, EHS Leaders Should Align Programs with Business Strategy

Press Release

One of the keys to achieving executive support for corporate environment, health and safety programs (EHS) is to be an integral part of business planning, according to Walter Fluharty, Vice President of EHS and Organizational Development at Simon Roofing.   

Inogen Member Spotlight--Subba Rao, Chola MS Risk Services


Antea Group is a founding member of the Inogen Environmental Alliance—a global network of EHS&S consultancies that work together to provide environmental, health and safety solutions to multinational clients around the world.

Evaluating and Translating Organizational EHS Risk Data into Meaningful Action


Based upon decades of supporting risk assessments for clients, Antea Group has discovered two fundamental insights— 1) risk assessment can mean very different things to different people; and 2)— read Antea Group’s blog to discover this, find out how to quantify your risk, and translate that into dollars and cents!

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Spring Has Sprung: It’s Time to Refresh EHS in Your Workplace

Top Springtime EHS Hazards and Tips to Bring EHS Front-And-Center This Spring

The season of new beginnings is here. Revitalize EHS at your workplace after the long winter dormancy! Find some top springtime EHS tips —from daylight savings to slips, trips, falls, and more, at our fresh-as-spring new blog.

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