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What Would Keanu Do? How EHS Leaders Can Channel Iconic Reeves Characters


Neo, John Wick, Jack Traven, Connor O'Neill, Ted Logan-- these are all characters to whom actor Keanu Reeves has given life on the screen. What else do they have in common? They all have valuable lessons for EHS leaders to learn.

If you are an EHS leader at your organization, read our blog on how you can emulate these characters in your role, from embracing the future to inspiring your team.

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Inogen Member Spotlight--Andrew Young, ESC


Antea Group is a founding member of the Inogen Environmental Alliance—a global network of EHS&S consultancies that work together to provide environmental, health and safety solutions to multinational clients around the world.

How to Get Your Organization’s ‘Abide-in’ for Hiring an EHS Consultant


As an EHS leader wearing many hats, you may feel that you lack the knowledge, unique expertise, bandwidth, or budget to juggle all EHS issues or tackle surprises. There’s somebody out there who can help you take it easy—an EHS consulting firm.

Learn how you can convince management of the wisdom of hiring an EHS consultant- with inspiration from Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski!

EHS Tips From a Demogorgon on How to Keep Safety & Compliance Right-Side-Up

Here's one for the “Stranger Things” fans

“As both a risky individual and a creature who knows all about the Upside Down, I think there’s a little something that every EHS professional can learn from the havoc my monster pack and I brought to Hawkins..”

Read Demogorgon’s 4 tips for EHS professionals at Antea Group’s deviously delightful blog.

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