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Tech Savvy Millennial Investors Positioned to Thrive in the “Roaring 2020s”


by David Weinstein, Senior VP and Portfolio Manager of Dana Investment Advisors 

What a time to be a tech savvy millennial investor. A chaotic 2020 offered both investment pitfalls and rich opportunities. 2021 should trend toward a more “normal” environment, but disruptive companies, elevated volatility and information everywhere will continue to define the investment landscape. These three themes have millennials positioned to thrive - Disruption, Embracing Volatility, and Information Everywhere. 

Business 2018: Values Matter, More Than Ever

by John Howell, Editorial Director, 3BL Media

The intersection of business and values has been the site of several collisions lately—some accidental, some accidents waiting to happen.
While the subjects in question have varied from CEO activism and governance to issues of ethics and data privacy, the end point is the same: In business 2018, values matter, more than ever. No company looking to its future viability can afford to avoid making choices—and statements—about what it stands for while avoiding pitfalls and misguided actions.

Gene Roddenberry and the Jetsons Gave us the Hyperloop Long Before Elon Musk Hitched a Ride

If you think Elon Musk's concept of traveling the Earth inside an airtight tube is new, you may want to watch some old TV.

In 1973, producer Gene Roddenberry was looking for another sci-fi concept that would outdo his Star Trek success. The pilot program, Genesis II, featured a "PAX subshuttle" (shown behind Roddenberry, first photo) that allowed the characters to zoom at tremendous speeds around the planet in a pod-like vessel inside a vacuum tube.And Roddenberry wasn't breaking new TV ground. George Jetson famously traveled by tube.

Musk's Latest 'First Principles' Breakthrough

By reducing problems to their most fundamental elements, SpaceX, Tesla, and SolarCity founder Elon Musk is able to create revolutionary solutions.

Elon Musk thinks differently than most people do. Rather than applying logic to issues that is derived from and compounded upon existing reasoning, Musk reduces issues to their essential core, and then develops new intelligence based on the fundamentals of pure reason.

The Sharing Economy in Action


Last week, I wrote about how the Sharing Economy is transforming capitalism (by emphasizing access to goods rather than ownership) and providing an important part of the solution to our urgent environmental needs (by enabling more people to use fewer resources.)

Can Elon do it Again?

Another game changer for the electric vehicle and renewable energy sectors

Elon Musk is changing the world.  The visionary South African-born entrepreneur has radically changed the transportation sector through his groundbreaking companies Tesla and SpaceEx.  His solar leasing company, SolarCity, is delivering affordable solar solutions to homeowners across the country.  Now, Musk is poised to deliver a sea change in the battery industry, opening the door to massive advancements in clean technology. 

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