Taking Up the Torch, Going on the Road

Wisconsin college tackles welder shortage through mobile training program

According to the American Welding Society, the United States will face a shortage of 400,000 skilled welders by 2024.

The deficit is already affecting business and industry in northern Wisconsin, as Northwood Technical College learned when it consulted with companies in and around the district.

Cultural and Ecological Stewardship Along the Des Plains Trail

Forest Preserve Foundation focuses on restoring the land, developing Native American education in greater Chicago

Within Schiller Woods, in the Forest Preserves of Cook County, rests the Serpent Twin Mound (Pokto Činto), a contemporary earthwork by Indigenous artist and architect Santiago X.

It’s believed to be the first effigy mound built by Native Americans in North America in the past 500 years.

Erected near the shores of the Des Plaines River, just four miles east of O’Hare International Airport in Cook County, the earthwork is a tribute to an ancient form of wayfinding used by Indigenous people of the region hundreds of years ago.

The Ice Age Is Proving a Very Hot Topic

Canadian Museum of Nature’s homegrown Planet Ice exhibition showcases one of earth’s most precious commodities

Planet Ice may be coming to a museum near you.

“Arctic foxes, wolverine, caribou and mastodons – we’ve got it all,” says Stacy Wakeford, Chief Content Officer at the Canadian Museum of Nature, which produced Planet Ice: Mystery of the Ice Ages. “This exhibition is a Canadian-grown experience about ice, the ways it has shaped our planet, and how important it is to preserving life as we know it.”

Enbridge Secures Stake in Woodfibre LNG Facility in BC

Will provide global markets with safe, secure and sustainable source of Canadian natural gas

At Enbridge, our goal is to deliver the energy people need to heat their homes, run their businesses and fuel their lives.

Our success is rooted in understanding energy fundamentals, adapting to market and consumer trends and continuing to transition our business to align with the changing energy landscape.

We also see liquified natural gas, or LNG, as a centerpiece of the broader global energy transition story.

Enbridge's Solar Self-Power Projects Charging Forward

Suite of solar farms across North America reflects our ESG commitments

Enbridge Inc. is harnessing the sun to power compressor and pump stations along our pipelines that transport conventional fuels to consumers.

This solar self-power program is part of a broad plan to reduce our company’s carbon footprint.

Supply Chain Management at Enbridge


A strong, diverse supplier community is essential to the resiliency and agility of our supply chain and contributes to the vitality of the communities where we live and work. Our contractors and suppliers are often the face of Enbridge and help drive our business and ESG performance; so we need them to be aligned with our values and goals.

Indigenous Engagement and Inclusion at Enbridge: The Lifecycle Approach


Across North America, there’s an awakening to Indigenous history, culture, rights, engagement and inclusion, which is placing more focus on the evolving legal and constitutional framework, fostering greater political and societal attention, and providing opportunities to weave Indigenous knowledge, teachings and perspectives into decision-making.

Employee and Contractor Safety at Enbridge


Safety is not only a core value at Enbridge—it’s the foundation of everything we do. If we don’t get this right, nothing else matters. It’s our duty to keep the public, the members of our team and the environment safe.

Safety performance metrics are tied to each Enbridge employee’s short-term incentive pay.

2021 highlights

Setting Ourselves Up for Success: Meeting Our 2050 Emission Goals Through Innovation at Enbridge


Modernization and innovation

Modernizing and applying innovation to our existing assets is playing a major role in helping us increase energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions intensity.

Climate Change and the Energy Transition at Enbridge


As the world’s population grows and more people are lifted out of poverty, society faces a dual challenge—meeting the increasing global need for affordable, reliable energy, while reducing GHG emissions to address the pressing threat of climate change.

While renewable energy holds tremendous potential and is growing quickly, there simply won’t be enough of it to quickly meet global emissions targets and satisfy energy demand. The reality is the energy systems require time to transition, particularly to achieve the degree of change necessary to address climate change.


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