From One Entrepreneur To Another And 10,000 Small Businesses


How in the world could a Philadelphia-based manufacturing company increase its business 60% year over year? What magic wand did a school food services company based in Chicago wave to triple its revenue and add 30 employees? And then there’s the staffing business based in New Orleans that doubled its revenue to $5.5 million.

Dow, Credit Suisse and Overseas Private Investment Corporation Discuss Powering Business in New Markets

The Public Private Partnership Forum – Will you be there? Tune in online Monday, April 7, 2 – 5 EST
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WASHINGTON, D.C., April 4, 2014 /3BL Media/ - Elizabeth Littlefield, President and CEO of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, Bo Miller, Global Director of Corporate Citizenship at Dow and President of The Dow Chemical Company Foundation, and Paul Tregidgo, Vice Chair and Managing Director of Debt Capital Markets at Credit Suisse will seek to answer the question: How can industry and investment pave the way for market growth in emerging markets?

Accenture Releases 2012–2013 Corporate Citizenship Report

Skills to Succeed initiative exceeds goal to equip more than half a million people with job skills
Press Release
NEW YORKMarch 31, 2014 /3BL Media/ – Accenture (NYSE: ACN) today announced the publication of its 2012–2013 Corporate Citizenship Report, “Our Communities, Our Commitments,” which explores the company’s corporate citizenship goals, progress and challenges.

Avista Entrepreneurship Program Supports "Start-up Weekend"

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Avista, an energy provider in the Pacific Northwest, that is involved in improving the quality of life in the region through innovation, education and investment in job creation. The Avista Center for Entrepreneurship at four regional colleges and a specialty high school offers programs, mentoring and financial assistance to those who have the vision of owning their own business.

8 Pieces of Advice on Sustainability Entrepreneurship


CSRHub Cofounder Cynthia Figge shared her thoughts at Founders’ Friday sponsored by Women 2.0.  

Relentless, Filled With Hope

The New Years Brain Crave Conundrum

How to create lasting change for sustainable productivity

Here we are, two weeks into the new year with all our New Years resolutions. I’m not sure where the origin of the New Year resolution comes from, but I’ve always thought it was strange that January 1st is viewed as the “saving grace” for all the debauchery that takes place the year before or more specifically, the night before. The last few weeks of 2013 are typically spent over-indulging and under-performing because we know, come 2014, we will dedicate our time to cleanse our mind and bodies and fully commit to GSD’ing (get shit done…ing).

Girl Scouts Of Northeast Texas And Mary Kay


I was so excited to learn that Mary Kay formed a partnership with the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas to promote entrepreneurship! It’s a great tie to the goals that the Girl Scouts have been teaching for the past 100 years and that Mary Kay has been sharing with woman around the globe for the last fifty.

Post-Plastic Entrepreneurs

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Can you think of two everyday materials with a worse environmental rep than Styrofoam and plastic bottles? From production through disposal, these things produce toxic gasses, are major culprits in our single-use disposable culture, and are rapidly invading our oceans and destroying marine food chains. This week’s guests on Sea Change Radio are each working on eco-friendly alternatives to these environmental villains.

VALUE: How Does It Affect You and Your Business?

How do you quantify your VALUE?

I was almost traded for 60, long eye-lashed donkeys in Dounza, a Sahara desert-trading village in Mali, in 1996. Granted, they had the thick eyeliner type markings around their eyes and that sultry tannish-grey hide, but still, I am an educated, free woman – how did this ridiculous barter even begin?

It started because every human being has a unique relationship to the idea of VALUE.

Thankful for a Cubicle-less Thanksgiving

Loving life as an entrepreneur means being thankful for our lifestyle

As entrepreneurs, time off for holidays doesn’t carry the same weight as it might for someone waiting to escape their white-walled, cubicle prison. In fact, most entrepreneurs struggle with taking any time off for anything. And the draw is two-fold, we struggle to take time off because we love what we do and because we are always connecting new dots, new people, and uncovering new possibilities.  But, we can work from a van at the beach while watching our husband surf or hike with our computer and sit under a tree to compose a proposal.


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