Getting a Degree in Entrepreneur

Are entrepreneurs organically grown or genetically modified?

I’ve been out of school now for almost ten years, having graduated a few years before the economy dipped. Knowing how competitive the job market was, “serious experience” always seemed to trump my “makin the bacon”. I told myself that I’d never settle for a crappy job just because I could make a little money. If I landed a job where I knew I’d be learning something, the money didn’t matter.

John Paul DeJoria, Billionaire Entrepreneur And Philanthropist To Join ABC's Shark Tank

Press Release

CENTURY CITY, Calif., Oct. 28, 2013 /3BL Media /PRNewswire/ -- John Paul DeJoria, the self-dubbed "serial entrepreneur" will join season five of the critically-acclaimed ABC business competition show, Shark Tank as a guest shark this week. Best known as co-founder of Paul Mitchell Hair Care and The Patron Spirits Company, DeJoria has also found success in dozens of additional ventures spanning from conflict-free diamonds to hand-built yachts.

Hands-On Inspiration on World Teacher’s Day


What does owning a small transportation business and teaching K-5 at a progressive magnet school have in common?

A lot, according to Disney.

Amway Seeks Coveted Position at SXSW: VOTE TODAY

Program will feature empowerment of African women

Help #Amway get a coveted spot at

Better Than We Found It Becomes One of the First Delaware Public Benefit Corporations Today

Becoming a PBC aligns Better Than We Found It, Inc. with their honest, hardworking consumers
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Wilmington, Delaware, August 1, 2013 - Darrell Park, CEO of Better Than We Found It, could not hide his enthusiasm about being one of the first Delaware Public Benefit Corporations certified by the Secretary of State.  With a big smile and lots of somewhat humorous hand waving, the start-up CEO stated, "August 1st should be forever known as independence day for entrepreneurs. PBC’s change everything for the better. It is a far better structure than a traditional corporation for everyone involved including entrepreneurs, employees, investors and society as a whole.

Updating Business Vernacular for an Enlightened Economy

Words are social technology - We should plan for an upgrade

So you know those sayings that roll off your tongue, your colleagues tongue, your old uncle Joe’s tongue? You know, ones like, “It’s every man for himself,” “He knows where the dead bodies are buried,” and “It’s a dog-eat-dog world”?

Oh yes, those (you are nodding now).

Entrepreneur Works Towards a Society That is “Better Than We Found It”

With a Book and Consumer Empowerment App, Darrell Park Tackles Some of Societies Smallest Large Issues
Press Release

Pasadena, CA, July 17, 2013 /3BL Media/ – Tackling some of societies largest issues has proven a day-to-day mission for entrepreneur and Stanford Business School graduate, Darrell Park. As Founder/CEO of Better Than We Found It, Inc, he has aligned himself and his company with the thought leaders of today and is attending the World Economic Forum Discussion in New York City that is focusing on “A New Model of Capitalism: The Significance of B Corp Legislation in Delaware”.

Impact Investing: The Challenge of Job Creation


This is the third post in a series by Morgan Simon on the trends, challenges and opportunities of impact investment, focusing on an exploration of the mechanisms which allow affected communities to lead and shape investments.

What is impact investment? This might be the most important, and simultaneously, most overplayed question of our industry. Forgive me for repeating it; however, it is critical we return to the conversation to consider how communities can better engage in, and benefit from, impact investment.

Patagonia – The Next Venture Capitalist


Even for the most sophisticated CSR leader, some issues are just too big to solve alone.

Solar Bottle Bulb

An Illuminated Home

Students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have worked together to find an environmentally friendly solution to give those living in shanty town some more light. They designed and developed the Solar Bottle Bulb which is now being used extensively within the Philippines and various other countries.

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