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Not Always Better: Big Company ESG


As previously seen on Skytop Strategies and published with permission.

Over the past fourteen years, we have ingested data from 800 expert ESG sources. We've freely shared the rankings we've derived from the 400 million data points we've ingested with hundreds of thousands of site visitors around the world. However, we keep hearing a misperception that big companies automatically get better ratings than little ones.

Disparity Or Despair?


As previously seen on Skytop Strategies and published with permission.

Back in 2016, we published an article in Reuters that highlighted the low correlation between MSCI and Sustainalytics ratings. For the S&P 1200 (a well-studied group of companies), there was only a 32% correlation between the ESG ratings from these two major data sources.

Sustainalytics VS MSCI in 2016

The Globalization of ESG Data


As previously seen on Skytop Strategies, published with permission.

How to Globalize ESG Data

We’ve globalized culture (films, books, TV series) and supply chains. We’ve shared viruses and vaccines. We must now figure out how to globalize ESG data.

Drucker Institute 2021 Management Top 250 Rankings Includes CSRHub Metrics


Each year the Drucker Institute ranks America’s Top 250 ‘best run companies’, presented in special coverage from The Wall Street Journal. CSRHub is proud to say that, for a fifth consecutive year, our ESG data is included in Drucker’s ratings’ methodology. 

You Make ESG Dreams Come True


As previously seen on Skytop Strategies and published with permission.

Many of us in the ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) space, have dreamed of the day when governments would start to set rules about sustainability reporting. We have hoped to see more pressure on companies to fully and consistently tell their stories. Over the past few months, our dreams have started to come true. However, we now realize we may be dealing with a nightmare!

NGOs Get Their Say on ESG Performance


We recently added a new source into CSRHub’s consensus ESG ratings. It is SIGWATCH, a UK-based group that observes how environmental, human and animal rights, and consumer activists are driving current and emerging issues and their impact on individual corporations and brands. This source touches more than 4,000 of the companies CSRHub tracks.

Real Time ESG Tracking From StockSnips


The researchers at StockSnips have been transforming unstructured data into financial sentiment insights for several years. Their AI / ML (Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning) based system reads thousands of articles and tags the relevant snippets to derive a quantified investor sentiment measure that could drive stock performance. StockSnips has now developed an ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) signal leveraging the platform used for its Financial Media Sentiment. We have begun adding this data set into CSRHub’s consensus measure of entity ESG performance.

Pfizer Versus Moderna Versus Johnson & Johnson


As previously seen on Skytop and published with permission.

Many of us have recently pondered the question: which vaccine is better—Pfizer, Moderna, or J&J? Those of us interested in sustainability may also want to know which of these companies has the best ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) performance?

Does AA1000 Assurance Have an Effect on Perceived Sustainability Performance?


Many companies spend time and money trying to make sure that the ESG data they report has been properly collected and communicated.

One system that supports this is the AA1000 Assurance standard.

CSRHub Adds Act Analytics' Real-Time ESG Scores to Platform


TORONTO, August 26, 2021/3BL Media/ - Act Analytics and CSRHub today announced the Act Analytics Natural Language Processing (NLP) ESG scores are being incorporated into CSRHub’s aggregate ratings platform. The addition of Act Analytics ESG scores to those already on the CSRHub platform, improves investors’ ability to evaluate the ESG performance of thousands of companies.


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