The “Madness” of John Muir: Conservation Leadership as a Lifestyle

"A man needs a little madness, or else... he never dares cut the rope to be free" - Zorba

"A man needs a little madness, or else... he never dares cut the rope to be free" - Zorba

It seems as though a little madness could very well be good for you. Consider for a moment the brilliance and ingenuity sparked by some of the world’s most influential individuals--Michelangelo, Einstein, Gandhi, Frida Kahlo; certainly, their unconventional thinking and daring action have served humanity well.
And yet, all too often, we are regrettably too timid, too uncertain or too complacent to follow our passion and challenge what is.

Deep in the Heart of Texas


by Nathan Loftice

Texans are known for being fiercely independent. That sort of self-sufficiency comes naturally for a state as large as all of New England, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois combined. But with all bragging aside, we Texans know a thing or two about self-reliance, especially when it comes to our land.

FedEx Team Member Who Saved Co-worker with Kidney Donation Surprised with Purple Promise Humanitarian Award

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(3BL Media) Memphis, TN - August 28, 2012 - When a family member is in need, many would do anything in their power to help. But have those we work with become just as much a “family” to us? For FedEx Sales VP Glenda Corwin, the answer is “yes.”

Despite working in different departments and in separate states, Glenda and fellow FedEx team member Mark Orris met on the job and discovered they shared a powerful bond: both had watched their mothers battle kidney disease, a struggle that was later eased for each through the help of donated kidneys.

New Study Finds Teenagers at Greatest Risk for Pedestrian Injuries

Back to School Alert: Child Pedestrian Injuries Highest in September
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Safe Kids Worldwide 15-Year Trend Report Finds Young Walkers Safer Today; Teens Now Most Vulnerable Age

(3BL Media) Washington, DC – August 30, 2012 – School supplies are bought, backpacks are ready. Parents have planned how their kids will get to school. But one thing parents might not think to do is talk to their children about walking there safely, particularly their teenagers.  Here’s why it’s important: teenagers are now the most at-risk youth for pedestrian injuries, according to a new study released today by Safe Kids Worldwide and FedEx. 

FedEx CO2 Emissions Decoupled From Economic Growth


FedEx scope emissions measure direct emissions from our fleet and facilities as well as indirect emissions from sources like feeder aircraft.  As we continue to grow revenue, our aim is to lessen our impact on the environment. In FY11, revenue grew by 13% yet scope 1 emissions only grew by 4% and scope 2 emissions decreased slightly – all thanks to efficiency efforts and fleet upgrades.

To learn more, visit the environmental section of our Global Citizenship Report.


FedEx Helps Deliver Sight With the ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital

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This three-minute video won the Boston College 2012 Corporate Citizenship Film Festival. It tells the story of the humanitarian assistance FedEx supports through our work with ORBIS International, a global blindness prevention and treatment agency. The ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital is the world's only airborne eye training and surgical center. FedEx provides maintenance support for the plane, volunteer pilots and program support volunteers. We also deliver medical supplies, at no charge, to ORBIS clinics around the world.


Inside FedEx's Emissions-Slashing Strategy


By Bruce Kennedy

Published August 20, 2012

How did one of the world's biggest air freight companies slash its aircraft emissions nearly 14 percent over the last seven years?

By using a twist on the old environmentalist's maxim of "reduce, reuse, recyle."

2011 FedEx Global Citizenship Report


By Mitch Jackson

We are pleased to announce that the 2011 FedEx Global Citizenship Report is now available for review and download. When we first started reporting in 2008, we envisioned an all-digital and print on demand platform. But, we were unable to do so at the time. As a result, we chose to publish our report in print, using small print runs, with a goal to transition to an all-digital and print on demand platform.

FedEx Long-Term Commitment to Sustainability Gets a Boost: Emissions Reduction Goal Increased Fifty Percent

Annual FedEx Global Citizenship Report Highlights Company’s Milestones in Areas of Energy Conservation, Community Development, Disaster Relief and More
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(3BL Media) Memphis, TN - August 20, 2012 - In 2008, FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) announced it would seek to reduce carbon emissions intensity from its FedEx Express aircraft and improve the fuel efficiency of its FedEx Express vehicle fleet by 20 percent by 2020, as compared with its 2005 performance. Less than five years later, FedEx has nearly achieved these goals and is today announcing a revised, more aggressive target that continues to move the world’s largest express transportation company forward in an environmentally-conscious manner.


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