Financial Literacy Awareness Month

T. Rowe Price: Parents Show No Reluctance to Overspend on Kids But are Reluctant to Discuss Money With Them

Parents, Kids & Money Survey finds that while parents worry about spoiling kids, they often overspend on them and defund family financial essentials, such as retirement savings and emergency funds
Press Release

March 29, 2016/ 3BL Media/ - T. Rowe Price’s 2016 Parents, Kids & Money Survey, which sampled 1,086 parents of 8 to 14 year olds nationally and their kids, found that parents’ reluctance to discuss money with their kids has not translated to a reluctance to spend it on them.

ING Foundation Focuses on Financial Empowerment


Financial empowerment is a central focus for the ING Foundation—and a natural extension of the ING brand, “Your Future. Made Easier.” The ING Foundation is committed to creating, funding and supporting programs that empower our customers and communities, and to deliver knowledge, encouragement, skills, and opportunity that can make a lasting difference in their lives.

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