Food Waste

How Food Banks Impact Food Loss and Waste Reduction

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In this month’s episode, we are joined by Lisa Moon, Chief Executive Officer at The Global FoodBanking Network, an international non-profit organisation based in Chicago that supports community-driven solutions to alleviate hunger in more than 40 countries. Lisa shares her insights on how businesses can build successful partnerships with food banks and the impact for both people and planet.

The Next Steps Towards a Circular Economy


by Lydia Miller, Senior VP and Portfolio Specialist with Dana Investment Advisors 

The concept and acceptance of moving toward a Circular Economy have grown significantly in the last several years. While definitions vary, most focus on maximizing the value of materials, products, and other resources (i.e., water, energy) that circulate in the economy by maintaining them in the economy for as long as possible while also minimizing the consumption of materials and the generation of waste.

The Power of Holistic Action on Sustainability

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In the latest episode of the CGF Sustainability Podcast, host Louise Chester speaks to Fritz Micus, Director of Corporate Communications at Symrise. Take a listen to hear Fritz speak about Symrise’s innovative, multi-faceted sustainability strategy, and more.

Pursuing Purpose and Positive Change: CEO Spotlight With Özgür Tort

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In the latest episode of the CGF Podcast, host Louise Chester talks to Özgür Tort, CEO of Migros Ticaret, and outgoing co-chair of The Consumer Goods Forum’s Board of Directors. Özgür shares his insights from his time as co-chair during a time of transition to Coalitions of Action, as well as his thoughts on the big industry questions of the moment.

Plastic Waste, Food Safety and Food Waste: How Interconnected Are They?

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In the latest episode of the CGF Podcast, host Louise Chester speaks to fellow CGF colleagues Erica Sheward, Director of the Global Food Safety Initiative, and Ignacio Gavilan, Director of Sustainability, who leads the CGF’s Coalitions of Action on Plastic Waste and Food Waste.

Reducing Food Waste Through Technology Solutions


Food waste can contribute to the ongoing issue of malnutrition in many countries worldwide, as well as the squandering of valuable natural resources. Slashing food waste is a challenge many businesses are beginning to tackle and successfully doing so can bring significant benefits, both financial and environmental, to producers, retailers, and consumers alike. The Consumer Goods Forum has been providing a platform for shared resources under the auspices of their ‘Resolution on Food Waste’ since 2015.

Business Collaboration to Protect Our Planet Has Never Been More Critical


Our unique and precious world is on the brink of profound change. Our actions today are not just impacting the wellbeing of people, communities and our planet now: they are determining whether future generations will thrive — even survive.

CGF Sustainability Director Moderates Panel on Food Waste and the SDGs at The Future of Food USA


On March 25TH, Ignacio Gavilan, Director of Sustainability at The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), joined a panel at The Future of Food USA, organised by Innovation Forum. Ignacio, who oversees the CGF’s Coalition Food Waste was invited to moderate a panel “Global food waste and the SDGs: How can companies reduce and eliminate food waste in the supply chain” and to share his thoughts on the industry’s role in solving the food waste problem and progress so far.

How Replate Uses Technology to Maximize Food Rescue

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Maen Mahfoud is the CEO and founder of Replate, a tech nonprofit with a mission to reduce food waste and food insecurity through its food recovery system. See how Cisco supports Replate to help those experiencing food insecurity.


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