Environment + Energy Leader Interview: Global Experts on Sustainability and ESG Reporting


A few of our experts from Antea Group USA and Antea Group Belgium were featured in an interview article with Environment + Energy Leader as seen here. We have pulled excerpts in from the interview, and have an additional video interview on the topic of Sustainability and ESG Reporting.

What Is ESG and Sustainability Reporting and Why Is It Important?


If you get assigned to do a “report” what kind of feelings or memories does that bring up to you? It could bring up memories of school reports - having to research to find the right data or statistics to tell a compelling story, but having no idea where to start or what method to use. Much like that, environmental, social, and governance (ESG), or sustainability reporting, could conjure up feelings of anxiety or confusion.

Go Deep: A Playbook for Scoring Sustainability Points in 2022


Even if you don’t ever watch a game, football culture is part of everyday life in the U.S. Since 1920, the NFL has been delighting fans and breaking hearts all over the world. You’ll find football metaphors in pop culture, political speeches, at work, and at home because the structure can apply to nearly every kind of situation.

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Webinar: Introduction to the Green-e Framework for Renewable Energy Certification

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Turning Risks into Opportunities

By Tim Fleming, Director of Enterprise Sustainability, AT&T

Earlier this year, the World Economic Forum released its 2017 Global Risks Report, providing ample reading material for the world’s elite as they trekked to the Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

Reinforcing Reputation -- Why Non-Financial Reporting Matters


Originally posted on Forbes.

Skroupa: How has integrated reporting affected the CR field, and how is Adobe addressing this topic?

Disclosing Climate-Related Financial Risk

Former chair of the US Security and Exchange Commission, Mary Schapiro discusses the importance of clear and consistent standards for climate-related financial disclosures.

A Business Framework for Global Impact


by John Hodges, managing director, Infrastructure and Finance, BSR (Business for Social Responsibility) 

A Virtual Tour of a Cleaner, Safer, Stronger City

By Tim Fleming, Director, Sustainability Integration, AT&T

Recently I found myself riding in a virtual helicopter looking down on a city of the future. Flying through the skyscrapers, I enjoyed a 360 degree view of a beautiful Tron-like cityscape. After checking out a sensor report from smart light post, I hopped into a self-driving car and zipped back to cybersecurity headquarters. All the while, my corporeal self was actually sitting in the AT&T Smart Cities booth in Austin, TX at the Smart Cities Innovation Summit


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